Will Bitcoin and Crypto Revolutionize or Enslave Humanity?


This will be the year that many unknown cryptocurrencies will double in value.  Some just may  quadruple in value but that's anybody's guess.

And while many new coins will disappear from the market. At their heart, the cryptocurrency craze is like the startup craze on steroids. Newly minted companies are going around the venture capital world, issuing their own digital currency, and having almost no problem at all finding willing investors.

Despite the fact that Goldman Sach's investment chief says Bitcoin and ether are both bubbles. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-and-ether-are-both-bubbles-says-goldman-investment-chief-2018-02-27

Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency startup Circle has acquired digital token exchange Poloniex, Circle said on Monday, as it aims to cement its position as one of the leading players in the booming market. Looks like Glodman Sach's is giving mixed messages when it comes to crypto, but then again I find mixed messages about Bitcoin and Crypto to be a common phenomena as digital currencies revolutionize our consciousness and our world.

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Acquisition Rumored to Have Cost Circle $400 Million

Revolutionary technology such as Bitcoin will transform the traditional world we live in into a digital world in the ether realm of the collective consciousness of humanity at least that is the intention.

With the likes of Roger Ver CEO of Bitcoin.com stating that the goal in 2018 is to get as many people as possible using crypto in order to strip away power from every single government on the planet; as he believes Crypto's will take over the government or at least that will be the perception, but in reality it's the making of the new world order.

And while bitcoin was initially intended to be the gateway to decentralization of our current economic system, will in fact act as the saviour from our current manufactured financial crisis.

From what I can see Bitcoin and all the alt coin's proliferating the speculative crypto currency markets are turning out to be more of merging of the traditional economy with digital technology, while creating in the minds of humanity that digital currency is of value which will revolutionize how we think, live, what we value and we will work through the internet of things using are smart phones.

With so many mixed messages proliferating the crypto sphere which is designed to obscure the real intentions of the power control force agenda. It is important not to buy into Bitcoin and the digital technology revolution as the best alternative for humanity, but in fact to find ways to capitalize on Bitcoin rush in the short term in order to secure your sovereignty in the long run.

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