Why Embrace the Sensory Perception of the Heart?


The linear mind is what creates the boundary between us and the world. Because we locate consciousness primarily in the brain it closes the door to nature, we become desensitized; however it is important to know that the door is unlocked leaving the door in front of us a jar, we do not need to please the door keeper as the doorkeeper obeys when spoken to by each of us.

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Therefore perceiving through the senses opens the door as sensory perception is the natural and congruent blending of the inner and outer world. Therefore the more sensitivity to sensory flows, the more directly we perceive with our senses the wider the door opens.

Therefore it is with Kuriousity that we develop the courage to trust our senses, that is to use our senses to perceive the world around us, that is to use them as they are meant to be used as a channel to the world in which we are born into our unique expression where our essence is communicating through each of us that is the life force of essence is communicating with our senses each and every moment of every day.

It is important to note that in order to use our senses more productively you must become suspicious of the word as words are the domain of the linear mind only the heart can hear the language between the inner and outer world of nature as words kill the perception of the heart.

It can be difficult to accept the reality of the significance of using the heart as our primary sense of perception and relegating the linear mind as the secondary mode of perception as this would mean that we are in fact ignorant of the hearts importance and that the door to the heart is in fact nature, and yet by giving up what you think you know about nature is being willing to know nothing is the door found.

This unlearning can be difficult that is if you choose it to be so, as it may take years to trail the scattered pages of dead learning. The first step of unlearning is simply to go into nature and start to feel with your senses so that you come to know that nature is not civilized, in fact it is uncivilized and as you go into the wilderness something happens, something that civilization does not like which is ordered regularity which seems to disappears in the wilderness and people who live there lose their regularity and their orderliness which is congruent with the nonlinear nature of the heart.

Therefore at first you may feel discomfort with disordered non-linearity that fearful desire to be regular to fit in, there is no place in nature for observers, for conservative thinkers the door that we are seeking is never sought by the reductionist.

Because we are taught so many untruths about what we can know, about what nature is and is not, the first step in gathering knowledge from the heart of the world is to go into the world on your own abandoning your perceptions.

Our essence interfaces with our heart, enabling the capacity to perceive communication from our external world. It is the heart that takes in the world with the in breath and the out breath. Therefore our heart takes in the communication that arise from living phenomena in the world.

What is often overlooked is that the world breathes us in too and when we come to this realization, we are not alone in the world. We live in a world of phenomena with many forms of intelligence and awareness, many of whom care enough for us to have an intimate exchange. All phenomena when focused upon will generate a particular mood or quality within you.

We are daily touched by the world within which we are embedded, we may feel the touch upon us in the thousands of nameless feelings we experience each day. They appear over the surface of our consciousness like shadows across a grassy meadow.

In paying attention to our emotions they come forward into consciousness and begin to reveal their secrets, for each emotion registers the impact of a particular meaning that has touched us and they contain extremely condensed communication about what we are encountering. Paying attention to the feelings of things and writing them down is a good beginning to learn to feel your way through life instead of thinking your way through life, and while it is like learning to ride a bicycle it starts to train you in the specific skill of using the heart as your primary lens of perception.

When we feel the touch of the world upon us, and those millions of unique touches hold within them specific meanings, sent to us from the heart of the world and from the heart of the living beings with which we inhabit this world. It is through this interchange that changes the quality of our lives and reminds us that we are never alone. We are one organism among many pulsating through one heart in this physical dimension, one essence among a multitude of ESSENCE.

The recognition that the heart is an organ of perception is not new, however by only locating our consciousness in only one biological oscillator, the brain blinds us to perceptions that have been common to human beings since they emerged onto earth, and so with this reductionist understanding that the heart is an intricate pump or that it creates electromagnetic fields that other people can feel through which we communicate what is important is that we live in living fields of communication all of which are imbued with meaning which flow from and to us from the moment the cells of our body self-organize into the unique identities we know as ourselves.

In closing, here is something for you to contemplate as you come to the truth and knowing what I share here; that the Heart is your way to the freedom that you so long for, so consider that the linear brain cannot perceive wholes or insides, and the more the brain is used as a primary organ of perception, the more life is reduced.

What I mean is that life becomes merely an expression of mechanical forces with no intelligence or purpose and then all of life forms are judged and valued depending on their capacity to use analytical processing and we get the famous dictum I think therefore I am, which affirms it’s opposite: If you do not think, you are not. Therefore you are only essence. Therefore you no longer need to take your life experience so seriously

People who intuitively know the importance of feelings, who use the heart as an organ of perception, receive very little cultural support for this ancient mode of cognition, and who often spend their time proving that there is another route of perception of the world than that offered up by the brain.

Again we are at a crossroads and just as the season's change so can our mode of perceiving through the lenses of the heart.

Kurious Magnificence is a growing community of like-hearted Essences, who dare to share their unique exquisite perception so that we learn to weave our creations from the ethereal realm into the life web of the earth through our living experience; not through mental constructs as the things we were taught which only get in the way. It is here that we dare to abandon concepts and constructs that define who we are in order to gather from the heart of our ESSENCE, and help each other live a whole and fulfilled life, allowing each of us to become what we are meant to be this is what Kurious Magnificence is all about.


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