What is Love? Deep Truth of How to Know Thyself


What is love? the divine mystery of the deep truth of how to know thyself, and become unshakable and  that Love can not be interpreted and determined as a theory, but as a living frequency that occurs as you return to your natural state of being which is Essence which act's through the instrument on which we can experience the truth of creation that is our body.

But before we dive deep into the truth of what is Love lets discuss What love is not?

When one falls in Love in the presence of the other what results in a chemical reaction in the brain that results in a high in relation to one's emotions and feelings, which causes people to feed off each other; which is the basis for psychic vampiric attack and; so many relationships are based on this feeding mechanism.


You see Love in the physical world has nothing to do with love but creates parasitic need for co-dependence; and as a result suffering is created between and within the individuals, as this physical world was never designed for you to know what is love because the designers of this system of consciousness knew that in order for this physical world to exist they would have to create the concept of love in order to hide the fact that you are at your very core are love!

Let us take a look at the forces that create a balanced frequeny of love to put the what is love into context,  you see the male force is by nature electric and the female force is magnetic which creates the electromagnetic field which creates a mystical union within each of us; when these two polarities are in balance within each of us which allows each of us not only to experience what is love, but  gives us the  greatest capacity to sustain the feeling of love.

You see we individually and collectively operate primarily from the electrical or male force which creates an energetic imbalance as we operate with this physical world control system, which is designed to cause us to forget who and what we are while the power control force (that is those that presume to run this world) control the magnetic force of humanity to create their dream world which is a simulation of the natural world which mirrors an expression of our natural state as essence our quintessence.

You see you are love at your deepest core! Love is a feeling, not a thought so when you ask the question what is love? who is it that is doing the asking? because anytime you ask a question, you are just living in a moment of forgetting who and what you are this is what language does it causes one to forget their natural state of being that is Essence our Quintessence!

In the moment when you ask any question, you have forgotten who you are at that moment this is the consequence of the thinking process, mind and thought are not you but are operations upon which you use to interact with consciousness which causes you to forget who you are in this physical dimension.

You see you are the eternal becoming, that is you are the divine will that impulse into the active process which is creation in action which is love at your deepest core. You are wisdom always moving into and out of states of perpetual unfoldment or manifestation from within. You are more associated with a feeling than a thought, as you cannot think your way to LOVE, as you are always moving towards Love otherwise known as evolution that is your highest potential in this system of consciousness or hive mind of the creator god of this universe.

Therefore now more than ever is the opportunity to out grow the old self into greater maturity, into a new self with your Essence as the designer in the remembrance of who you are Essence as the creative impulse that springs forth into physicality in order to create new realities and experiences.

So then we must ask a deeper question and as we do so attempt to not forgot:

How do you become more connected to the Essence of who you truly are? Break the habit of who you have become.

By Breaking the habit of who we have become, as we come to realize that we are a byproduct of our designers that is the power control system.

You see in order to reclaim your raw creative potential and reclaim your power to create worlds as this is truly what you are designed to do; you must move beyond the social matrix of time and space! And you accomplish this through the first step of awareness so that you  become conscious of the unconscious habit fields you have created that currently define who you think you are; as this will allow you to transcend into the heart and I mean that literally of who you truly are allowing you to live and experience life which authentically reflects your essence, your quintessence.

If you go to my playlist on youtube or click on the links below, there is a series of videos and articles on the awareness model if you listen and read these sharings; it will give you some wisdom and teachings to support you to bring greater awareness to your unconscious patterns of thought.

Awareness model and the Deconstruction of Consciousness


Awareness Model Process


You know the hardest part of breaking the habit of being yourself is believing that it is possible.  When I speak to people as I travel the world with those I interact and work with every one of them can immediately tell me what their patterns of thought that they repeat over and over; and so I can witness that there is a certain level of awareness of what is blocking their ability to create in their life; however they are challenged with the idea that they can change the habitual patterns permanently.

Therefore the key is to bring awareness to your conscious programming that is a result of your habitual thought process become aware of how you think; how you act and how they feel, which is your personality; because what most people don't understand is that their personality creates their personal reality. If you want to create a new personality then you have to start to be aware of what you have been thinking about which creates your automatic habits in order to break the habit of who you are and become a new person the key is awareness.

Therefore if you want to create a new personality then you have to start to be aware of what you have been thinking about (these are what I call habit fields) and  realign your automatic habits and behaviour and modify them in order to create real change along with looking and feeling into the emotions they have experienced that keep them anchored to the past in order to dissolve any energetic charge so you are no longer react to your old emotional states this is true self-mastery that liberates you into new states of being. Look and see if the emotions serve my future. When you begin to think differently act and feel differently things are going to change. Most people like to have a reason to change like a crisis or trauma, or a diagnosis from some disease and all of a sudden they realize that they can’t go on living like they have before.

We are always in the process of creation we are wired this way, if we are truly relaxed and thinking about what we want for ourselves and our life. When we are living in stress or survival it is not a time to create.

Working with polarity is key to human evolution in linear time and space. Once polarity is mastered than a whole new level of “self and other” manifests.  Once polarity is mastered a whole new level of personal emotional power emerges.

How does Astrology help us in the process of breaking the habit of who we are?

The astrological wheel is a twelve sided response pattern, which is structured into six polarities and is only accessible by means of our feelings, which then direct our actions in linear time and space.

Once you become consciously aware of your planetary alignments based on your natal chart and transits with this knowledge; will tremendously enhance your ability to create new realities and experiences on the physical plane by means of intentional thought aligned with the feelings in our hearts; because when your mind and body are in alignment and then you truly have the capacity to transcend duality.

If you don’t think this is possible for you? well then I have news for you; it’s already in the works! Your transcending time and space whether you realize it or not and people are transcending this physical material world and creating words beyond the collective consciousness, the key is that it is not going to be truly witnessed on the eternal it will be inward experience a reconnection to their essence.

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