Unlock your Astrological Blueprint


Your astrological blueprint is represented by the planetary placement of your astrological chart when you were born. It contains all your gifts, and associated wounds you have incarnated with, along with your life purpose and desired contribution for this lifetime.

The gift that you have been given this lifetime is the capacity to  understand the energies of the planetary bodies and their effects on you. This allows you the gift of living a fulfilled life! The opportunity for you now is to learn how the planetary energies operate your biological vehicle and to learn how to use these energetic forces to your advantage, it’s no different to the vehicle that is your physical, emotional and mental bodies that allow your Essence to express its unlimited creative potential through you.


Your Essence is free and limitless in its natural state but hindered within this system of consciousness that is an artificial overlay designed to distract and keep you from knowing the power of your Quintessential nature. When Essence is manifested within the human body it’s subjected and confined to the laws of this 3rd dimension. By deconstructing this system of consciousness and your astrological  blueprint – your Essence takes up residence within you and reclaims your creative force and a reality you choose to mold and shape is possible.

Sadly, when Essence incarnated into the personality, it fell into a state of amnesia (asleep) due to the lower/denser frequency of this physical material plane (Earth). Not knowing of its captivity and imprisonment it forgot its greatness from the realm of the un-manifested vastness that is beyond the universes. Like an elephant, that was trained to believe that a chain around its ankle could restrain it from freedom by not knowing the power it truly possesses.

If you are here reading and inquiring, then it’s a wonderful sign your Essence wants to reclaim its divine right! Your Essence whispers and guides you to know the truth of who you are! Whether you tune in is KEY to your evolution. The opportunity awaits you and if there ever was a time the planetary aspects are supportive to your journey- it’s NOW!

Kurious Magnificence is a growing community of like-hearted Essences who dare to share their unique exquisite perception so that we learn to weave our creations from the ethereal realm into the life web of the earth through our living experience; not through mental constructs as the things we were taught which only get in the way. It is here that we dare to abandon concepts and constructs that define who we are in order to gather from the heart of our ESSENCE, and help each other live a whole and fulfilled life, allowing each of us to become what we are meant to be this is what Kurious Magnificence is all about.


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