The Secret to Manifesting Everything is to use Your Emotional Guidance System

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You have your own Internal Manifestation System within your physical body, and it has all the information you need to guide your thoughts regarding life decisions, large and small, how to create your way out of struggle and stress, and how to move toward a more fulfilling life both spiritually and materially for yourself, those in your life and the world.

The sensations we feel in our body, (opening/expansion and closing/contraction act as signals of your manifestation system at work) are never in response to what is happening in the world around you, only on what you are thinking about the people and the world, this includes the thoughts you have about yourself.

The purpose of your internal manifestation system is to provide you with immediate feedback on whether your thoughts and choices are bringing you toward greater joy, love and compassion or bringing you suffering, illusion, pain and rejection. Why this makes a difference is because where you place your mental focus on creates what you get in life.

If you look at all the self help books, sports training books, leadership, business books, it is all about being clear in your goals and focusing your attention toward the achievement of those goals and focusing your mind does work in the short term.

However, many of us have so many thoughts running though our minds that we often have a challenging time deciding what to focus on, how to maintain our focus on empowering thoughts and instead we get trapped in the disempowering thoughts.

Your Internal manifestation System is a largely untapped resource in helping you to experience your highest purpose and at the same time naturally attempting to lead you toward achieving your most empowered self and the perspective that will bring you the life you desire. We have never been taught to understand this manifestation system and until now there has not been a teachable understanding of this system.

When your Internal Manifestation System contracts it triggers a response in the mind and body which is what most consider to be stress, frustration, anxiety, and anger however these sensations are connected to our thoughts and thus it is in shifting your thoughts that relief is created. Yes, all of these feelings and sensations are actually the closing of your Internal Manifestation System. What is really going on is that the closed and collapsed feeling in your chest and the knotted ball in your stomach is your Internal Manifestation System letting you know you need to shift your perspective immediately.

When your thoughts and highest purpose are in alignment, you feel an expanding or opening sensation, a lightening and an uprising sensation in the body. An easing in combination with any thoughts no matter how small the expansion or opening of the Internal Manifesation System means you are on the right track, you are empowered in the moment to move forward with confidence. That is literally your Internal Manifestation System confirming that your thoughts are aligned with your highest good.

What is important for you to know now is that this feedback loop (emotional guidance system) can forever alleviate the suffering, anxiety, fear, pain and insecurity that you may feel at any moment in life, and learning to incorporate positive thoughts is just one step in the process.

Many people think that having good or positive thoughts automatically will feel good and thus bring this open feeling however this is not the case. We can have “good” thoughts that close us and we can have “bad” thoughts that are opening. The Internal Manifestation System is not dependant on the quality of the thought only whether or not the thoughts are True, in alignment with what will bring us towards our highest good and desires or away.

The Internal Manifestation System gives you insight into what the priorities are and can help provide an understanding of the repeating patterns of thinking and behaving that stand in the way of a greater experience of peace and relaxation. The Internal Manifestation System’s purpose is to reveal the thinking and behaviour that is actually keeping you from what you dream of having.

Please note the Internal Manifestation System takes time and practice to incorporate this tool into your daily practice as simple as it sounds it is honestly more complex than just following the opening and closing of your internal manifestation system. The reason for this is because we are engaging with our minds and our emotions from a completely new frame of reference and it is crucial that you learn the distinctions for this new frame of “mind” to be consistent and successful with your Internal Manifestation System.

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