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It is here that we explore our relationship to the cosmos, demonstrating the vastness, power, and direct connection between planetary influences and human experiences.

As we continue to remember who we are, we become continuously rooted, sustained, eternally fed, and nourished by the powers of the Earth and it is our access to cosmological wisdom, the heavens, and the microcosm that sets us on a journey of transformation, reaching beyond self or the macrocosm, as above so below, as within so without.

The planets in our solar system provide musical intervals, archetypes, and correspondences that help us to fine-tune the therapeutic frequency that is applied to the body.

I’ve created a process that can transform lives, just like mine.  I believe certain individuals are designed to transform their lives just like I have through planetary transformation.

This is why I am passionate about empowering you to come to make peace with your personal story by understanding the deep truth that the thoughts, the thought process and the mind are not who they truly are and that pain and suffering is caused by thought, thought process and mind. When you understand what I share you will be able to transmute the emotions attached to the story of who you think you are just like I have which will allow you to move into alignment with who you really are.

The process of planetary transformation liberates individuals from their limited physical material experience which imprints ones consciousness with limiting belief patterns, past traumas and habitual behaviours which keep you stuck limited worldview of possibilities allowing you can reside in the energy of limitless possibility.

Through this process, individuals learn how to:

Break the cycle of fear that perpetuates pain and suffering
Become conscious of limiting beliefs and behaviours
Release pain and trauma from the past
Connect with their Essence and be empowered to reside in a state of ever-growing love, peace and joy
Experience freedom, expansion and limitless possibilities
Access vibrational abundance which manifests as creating a life of deep experiences from your individual dreams and desires


The process of planetary transformation is one of remembering who you are at your core. It requires nothing aside from a willingness to transform and expand toward your best self.

Phase 1: Authenticity and Alignment

The first phase of remembrance requires coming into resonance with your energy signature. This phase empowers you to end your opposition to being yourself attached to the story of who you think you are and step into your authentic expression of joy, peace, love and abundance which can be experienced through your energy signature.

Phase 2: Self Realization

The second phase of remembrance opens you up as a channel for Essence to move through. It’s here where you move into an ever-deepening connection with who you are. Resistance and struggle fall away as you embody your authentic, luminous Self.

Phase 3: Limitless Expansion

The third phase of remembrance expands you toward limitless possibilities in all areas of life and living. This is a state of continual expansion toward greater levels of love purpose and abundance.