Reconstructing Consciousness, Elon Musk Reveals the Brain’s Magical future? Can the Evolution of Consciousness be controlled through the simulation of neurons=Saturn?


True psychology “starts neither in the physiology of the brain, the structure of language, the organization of society, nor the analysis of behavior, but in the processes of imagination which can be identified by the planet Neptune.

Through the polarity of the energies of Neptune and Saturn, as these forces run through each of us, whereby the restriction of physicality (Saturn) and the infinite possibilities of the imagination (Neptune) continuously remind us of our true nature.

It may be new to you that those born with Saturn and Neptune in certain aspects to one another (ie: square, opposition or conjunction) may experience a deep psychological and spiritual crisis brought forth through a disenchanted mind.

These two corresponding archetypes create such a radically different contrasting nature within the individual; and because their very ontology, so to speak, is different from planet to planet— in this case matter (Saturn) versus spirit (Neptune) makes the concretely empirical and literal versus the imaginative and the ideal, the finite and temporal versus the infinite and eternal cause us to have conflicting ideals.

If we consider that the human brain is driven by the planetary spheres in our solar system then when we consider the new company that Elon Musk has put together called Neuralink; after reading the article describing what this new company is embarking on, we can consider that the Brain’s Magical Future as outlined in this attached article:

If you put your brain in context; you could take the cortex off your brain you’d end up with a thick sheet about the size of a dinner napkin.

Now this napkin is where most of the action in your brain happens—it’s why you can think, move, feel, see, hear, remember, speak and understand language. Best napkin ever!

And well the you you think of when you think of yourself—it’s really mainly your cortex. Could this mean that your consciousness is actually a napkin?

Regardless of what your consciousness is; Elon Musk's Neuralink wants to redefine what future humans will be. Inputting and outputting information is what the brain’s neurons do. However all that Neuralink wants to do is get in on the action. They want to simulate neurons in the brain, that is Neurlink’s wants to capture your brain’s output—and be able to record what the neurons are saying. Then they want to input information into your brain’s natural flow or by altering that natural flow in some other way—that is stimulate the neurons in your brain.

What Neuralink is really attempting to do is control the evolution of consciousness through simulating the reconstruction of consciousness by controlling the input and output of your brain.

You see it is only because humanity has learned how to communicate on a mass scale and function like a single organism; with humanity’s collective knowledge tower as its brain and each individual human brain like a nerve or a muscle fiber in its body, that the power control force now believe they can simulate your brain in order to attempt to control every aspect of your life.

The core motivation of the power control force is to pass it's genes onto it's next generation in order to maintain control over the body of humanity. In order to keep the human species creating it’s dream, therefore the forces of macroeconomics make the Human Colossus’s core motivation to create value for the power control force, which is why the power control force tend to want to invent newer and better technology. Every time they do, they become even better inventors, which allow them to invent new stuff even faster. The power control force figured out a long time ago that the best way to create value was to invent value-creating machines.  They determined that machines were better than humans at doing many kinds of work, which generated a flood of new resources that could be put towards value creation. Perhaps even more importantly, the power control force realized that by creating machine labor it freed up huge portions of human time and energy—i.e. allowing for portions of the greatest minds—to focus on innovation. By outsourcing the work of our arms to factory machines and the work of our legs to driving machines, and doing so through the power of its brain—now what if, somehow, it could outsource the work of the brain itself to a machine?

If individual human brains are the nerves and muscle fibers of the Human system, the internet gave us our first legit nervous system. Each of its nodes was now interconnected to all of its other nodes, and information could travel through the system with light speed. This made the Human system a faster, more fluid thinker.

The internet has given billions of humans instant, free, easily-searchable access to the entire human knowledge tower. This has supposedly made the Human system a smarter, faster learner. And if individual computers had served as brain extensions for individual people, companies, or governments, the computer is an extension of the brain for every human brain in the human system.

Many take for granted what Saturn really means, which keeps the planet veiled in secrecy, and creates the dream of what we call reality. Saturn is the fabric upon which consciousness exists in its many forms.

The planet Saturn at it's basic level are what we call Neutrinos, which are elementary particles that weave remote star constellations into what we call consciousness. Neutrinos are the napkin upon which physical material reality is created. In other words, Neutrinos are what we need to keep the dream state or story of existence alive. It is the Neutrinos that Saturn represents that are the very fabric upon which we each weave our individual and collective stories.

When I feel into Saturn, she is not a he as many would profess; I feel energetically that Saturn is feminine by nature but with masculine qualities; therefore androgyny is the fabric upon which consciousness is stitched together in time and space. Androgyny is the balance of your Essence (Neptune) and your physical body (Saturn).

The planet Saturn represents to me that which separates our individual inner space and outer space. As the planet Saturn is the very last visible planet that we can see with the naked eye which characterizes it's significance as the bridge or boundary between the inner and the outer spheres of Uranus and Neptune and Pluto and whatever lies beyond and within the universal architects mind.

The planet Saturn as we know it lies between daylight and night-time otherwise known as the twilight zone. Saturn is the guardian of the threshold as defined by our aquatic nature in our mothers womb before birth and yet Saturn co-creatively acts as the guardian of the threshold into our earthly experiential mother earth.

Can you understand the importance of becoming Kurious about the archetypes represented by the patriarchal lens of perception in relation to Saturn and Neptune? This will allow us to learn how to captivate our own imagination in order to metabolize these archetypes we embody so that they reveal how we must go through (Saturn) the physical body in order to transcend our current state of consciousness through the planetary body (Neptune) which mirrors our Essence.

While Saturn is traversing our solar sky; doesn't it make sense that we as individual's look forward to discovering what lies within it - energetically speaking. It is the energies of Saturn that arouses within each of us the urge to change in order to achieve something which is not entirely known.

It is truly the beginning of one's spiritual journey and the self reflective nature of consciousness which reveals to us the traumatic nature of consciousness; that urges us to move towards the source of existence or Divine origin of things which occurs under the cluster of the stars presented by Sagittarius.

For example, as Saturn travels through Sagittarius, Saturn's light is illuminated through the star cluster of Sagittarius which creates for the collective consciousness a kind of spiritual discontent or dissatisfaction with one's existing conditions of life, whereby creating the urge in oneself to feel a sense of restlessness mirrored by the experience of physical material reality.

It is this blinding awareness of the stories we have created that we repeat over and over again as if they are new is what creates the greatest psychological turmoil as some of the main character's of our stories (eg: within our family, friendships or work relationships) roam the ethereal magical landscape of our brains where we create our stories.

It is these underlying energies with Saturn in this area of the zodiac that will cause one to react to life caused by a a stirring of feelings at the central core of one's being, which is outwardly expressed as restlessness. Dissatisfaction is what will manifest at the surface, and yet these feelings ultimately create within oneself the urge to look within, which allows for the discovery of an impersonal existence, which is raw and rare that creates a desire and need to revolt leading one to greater turmoil in life.

Where is Saturn in your astrology chart? Do you know how Saturn is governing your life? Saturn speaks to that which restricts and limits you, or where you need to bring structured into an area of life. For many it becomes a time of self-inquiry; through the feelings of dissatisfaction with your life you're forced to brings about a restructure, as often revealed to you during a Saturn return which happens between the age of 28-33, again 55-58 and again in one's late 80's.

A Saturn return is most likely a time when one will question everything they have done up until this point of their life. When one comes to the realization that the dream they have been dreaming dares to reveal it's raw reality to you with such sheer ferocity and rawness. If we learn to harness the inertia of Saturn as our guiding impulse, it will harmonize the foundation upon which the impulse of who we are can take action.

We all can agree that experiencing consciousness is an intense activity that occurs on a physical level. If we can learn how to navigate such complex forces of consciousness with awareness, it will allow us to remain present, regardless of what's happening, while learning to become receptive (Neptune) we will harness the power to become balanced and still.

As many will tell you, it is in the stillness of the moment and through the very act of surrendering that we receive our biggest insights and direction. Harmony prevails by conforming to the will of our Essence by surrendering to the impulse that is the generative force of nature.

Depending on the house of the zodiac where Saturn resides in your natal chart, this house is where Saturn will express the field of experiences that will directly impact your life; which will be revealed to you during a Saturn return. This will most likely be a time when you will question everything you have done up until this point of your life. That is the dream you have been dreaming and experiencing will reveal it's raw reality to you with sheer ferocity during these times in your life.

Are you prepared for your Saturn Return? If you have not had a Saturn Return reading; I encourage you to; as it will support you in navigating your life during this time of uncertainty. If you are interested in doing a Saturn return reading with me I will reveal the natural limits versus the temporary obstacles you face during Saturn transits through your natal chart; allowing you to embrace the changes you may be experiencing rather than resist that which is inevitable for your growth.

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