Reconstructing Consciousness-Part 1-New Movie “Ghost in a Shell” reveals How the Planet Saturn is connected to Our Basic Survival Needs!


It is important to remember that we assimilate the impressions we receive from fashion, film, music, politics, media etc; and as we integrate their messages we make their ideals part of our lives as well as our own individual myths.

Ghost in a Shell is an american science fiction film in which Cyborg counter-cyberterrorist field commander The Major (Scarlett Johansson) and her task force section 9, thwart cyber criminals and hackers. Now, they must face a new enemy who will stop at nothing to sabotage Hanka Robotics' artificial intelligence technology.

The movie Ghost in the Shell makes interesting connotations about what is taken from a person in the transition to a robotic body. Which can be similar to ones transition from it's original state of Essence to one's ego-centric  human self living in physical material reality.

The movie Ghost in the Shell makes a mistake in not exploring the themes more like Johannson's Character's origin story which should have tied back to the underlying themes of identity and consent more directly instead of letting the audience make of them what they will.

The film seems to want the audience to draw its own conclusions about how to interpret the true evil at the heart of the story. Just as we are to interpret the evil at that heart of our individual and collective stories.

I think it is time for each of us to bring greater awareness to whether we simply remain lost and distracted and disillusioned in the stories that proliferate the world stage all designed to make us feel victimized by the physical world and the circumstances we find ourselves in? or do we seize the opportunity to dissolve our individual and collective programming in order to become the inner architect of our manifested reality?.

It is important to remember that the archetypes that proliferate the physical world stage are universal projections of the collective emotions and thoughts of humanity commonly known as the collective unconscious.  It is in fact archetypes that provide each of us with models of who we are and prototypes of who we may want to become.

In our world fictional characters and celebrities who represent various aspects of our consciousness of assume the right to subliminally teach each of us about our own inner qualities by showing us the scope of what is possible for the human condition.

However if one dares to see life as a perfect mirror of ones inner emotional state of being that keeps one fixed in the archetypes that one absorb into ones consciousness that they are living through then would it not be possible that through greater awareness one could transcend these archetypes and become a more evolved human being living through the natural expression of who one is and who one is becoming?.

When we dare to bring greater awareness to the background frequency or archetype predominating our physical world, we have greater control over our individual and collective consciousness once we grasp the archetype of the victim which predominates our physical material reality construct then we bring greater awareness to the dysfunctional archetype of the Muladhara  or root chakra.

And while I have spoken about this chakra in the past. It is the Muladhara chakra  which filters energy up from the earth and connects our Essence to the basic reality of life. It is important to note that  any emotional issues relating to this chakra revolve around our essential needs for survival and our basic needs for security in the world.

This includes the shelter for a home to protect us, financial security, and adequate food for nourishment. We also need good connections to our families, friends, community and our country. It is important to note that the root Chakra becomes damaged when we loose our connection to mother earth. That is when we become disconnected from the most basic human levels of existence.

Does it not feel like we are moving toward a ghost in the machine like world, as some of us live between worlds; one in which many feel victimized by the physical world and those who have a desire and need to move on in order to complete ones journey, and yet as we continuously tend to get stuck at certain stages of life due to a mirage of forgetting which is a byproduct of living in a 3rd dimensional world which creates an energetic environment in which we lack courage, will-power or determination, which are the qualities of the warrior archetype can make living very complex and yet miraculous.

Are we not here to transform and transcend the victim archetype in order to evolve emotionally into greater coherence and harmony? allowing each of us to neutralize this energetic imprints imposed on each of us  with awareness of the moments in which one feels victimized by the physical world one has been born into. When one dares to bring greater awareness with truth it is then that we increasingly take more and more responsibility for our lives freeing ourselves from the confines of our 3rd dimensional reality.

Now if one desires to transcend one must release any interference pattern related to the root chakra as the dysfunctional archetype of the Victim and transmute the energies to the functional archetype of the Creator or Mother.

Recognizing the dysfunctional archetype is the first step, and as we move through and into virtual reality constructs which are more functional we manifest the archetype of the Creator or Mother at that point we become better able to  master the fundamentals of survival instead of remaining one of life's victims.

Therefore having the capacity to ground oneself into the earth is key that is getting out of our heads and into our bodies, it is through the life of the body that we are able to experience pleasure and pain, and connect with our feelings.

Only by maintaining a direct and conscious link to our bodies can we discharge the accumulated emotional energy of our daily lives and yet the movie ghost in the shell subliminally suggests that we consider the invitation to become stagnant and stuck, so that we stay fixed and inflexible in form or expression unable to meet our daily challenges with vigor and and vitality so that we succumb or become ghosts in the shell of an artificial life.

In my next sharing I will speak to the Planet Saturn and her relationship to the Muladhara  or Root Chakra.

And while there are many chakra's throughout one’s energetic body the primary ones are the eight that run along the spinal column. We will look at Saturn as it relates to our etheric body as it is considered to reside in the first or root chakra which is located at the base of the spinal column.

The first chakra is the Muladhara chakra of the earth itself and represents form and solidity. This chakra relates to our ability to be grounded, to attain material success and the ability to focus and manifest our needs. It stands to reason that any fear of lack of resources and an inability to function well in a worldly manner can be the result of a malfunction in the first chakra.

The planet Saturn is the "Inner Architect" archetype this is why we must become masters of Saturn in order to design our future world.

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