umanity exists in an overall collective intelligence, a universal mind also known as GOD. And while the body of humanity lives their individual lives in a human mind they share the collective intelligence of a universal mind.

We call the collective intelligence of the universal mind consciousness! Consciousness is what creates our artificial physical world reality in its present form; however, ultimately we exist in our individual mind sharing the collective intelligence of the universal mind. The universal mind can be defined as the space in which thought and the thinking process occur, and it is from this universal mind space that thoughts are born within the private mind space of all human beings.

You see as a human being we have no thoughts of our own. All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motion set into play from the beginning of creation by the collective universal mind or consciousness. We are taught to believe that a thought can originate within us. However, they can’t.

The power control force, through the 3rd dimensional physical world that was created by the collective intelligence or consciousness through the creation of language, sound and the number system created fake religions, fake texts, and all fake intellectual systems such as science, astrology, mythology, psychology, and the new age movement in order to implant all our thoughts, so that we then experience the artificial physical world reality through HISTORY OR HIS – STORY that is the power control forces STORY or NARRATIVES they want us to experience.

As many of you already know the collective Consciousness is a dream state, and we are dreaming into our collective manifestation an artificial physical world designed to obscure reality from us which is our Essence.

You see the power control force are creators of false realities and their main role is obscure reality which is Essence from the body of humanity through perception management.

You see the thought process, or intellectualism in all its forms creates division and mental distortions in the mind, thereby creating the veil which separates and submerges all of who you think you are into illusion and deception, which forces you to relinquish control of your Essence to those you perceive to be of greater and more self-worth then you, which diminishes your self- worth which submerges you deeper and deeper into amnesia thus forgetting; this is the PARADISE LOST or the FALL OF MAN (or Essence) that is so ingrained within the collective consciousness of humanity. It is thought, the thought process and the all encompassing and alluring light that seduces and subverts your attention to who and what you are which is Essence the only reality.

When you choose to elevate individuals like the power control force above you or those who may appear to have transcended the human veil, and yes appearances are deceitful, you are in fact giving your power away to these esteemed and powerful human beings that you hold up with such integrity and grace some of which are still here, but most of which are long gone, now how ludicrous is that? And for those who have left behind knowledge and

And for those who have left behind knowledge and wisdom the real meaning has been for the most part lost in all the fakery, spells and witchcraft or simply misunderstood through all the intellectual systems designed to obscure any real truth and wisdom for the purpose of deceiving your essence as Awareness.

Was your Essence Really Hijacked? You betcha!

The power control force took it upon themselves to be the go between Essence and the artificial physical material world.

where we experience our artificial fantasy reality called materialism which was of course designed by the universal architects through the construction of the consciousness system, you know the womb called our mother earth where you have your physical world experience which is unbeknownst to you in fact designed to manage your perception without your knowing and consent of course.

In other words the power control force have done the unthinkable a  coup d’état on your Essence and captured you in their mind into their consciousness system, which is a type of strategy that is aimed at guiding the motives, emotions, and conclusions of your Essence by means of using different approaches while your Essence is captured in their consciousness system, through the use of their technology and media, culture and mind programming. All for the purposes of guiding your perception of past events and the projections of future events. This particular type of strategy is used in

This particular type of strategy is used in attempt to gain advantages over your Essence. The goal is to alter your perception of Essence so that you identify with the personality and body that your Essence resides in. This provides the power control force with the opportunity to manipulate your essence so that your essence can be used successfully to score a victory or otherwise defeat that opposing party that is You.

Now once your have digested how your Essence has been hijacked get this, in order for you to achieve transcendence? your mind must be sovereign with no go between or third party allowing you to experience your true essence through awareness, which will allow you to discern truth independent of any outside third party or interference pattern. The end game if there ever is an ending to this

The end game if there ever is an ending to this madness is to take back your mind, the thought process and your ability to think for yourself and experience this artificial physical world reality as Essence with full awareness of who you are Essence which is the ultimate and only reality.

If you would like to take the next step and learn how to work with the energies affecting you, the clues about how these energies are working through you are revealed in your astrological chart, and an astrology reading will allow you to engage the magical quest to reopen your inner brain centres, which is the secret to your emancipation out of the physical material world survival program in order to experience the life force of Essence.

Reach out to me if you would like an astrology reading. Your astrology chart is the best tool to help you to understand where you are in this process of transformation that is reopening your the inner brain centres. In addition, your astrological chart will help you to navigate your life as you learn to work with energy transmuting negative energies to positive energies which will allow you to reconnect with your Essence and design a world that is in alignment with who you truly are.

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