Why Should we Raise the Frequency of Money?

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We live in a world which is built on thought and emotions. And since what we perceive as the "I" as solid everything is vibrating at a lower frequency. Money, the fictional currency is simply a mirror reflection of your essence in material form, therefore money is divine, however, money has become impregnated and tinged with selfish desire and greed and is locked up in the hands of the power control force, to the point where it has become imprisoned, and unable to move freely just like most of humanity.

The evolutionary process that some of us are experiencing is the dissolution of all consciousness programming is so that we can experience our Essence which is the only reality. Therefore we are to emancipate ourselves from the collective negative programming around money that is from the low-frequency and bondage of human desire and greed, into a higher frequency that matches our Essence in order to manifest our desires in this material realm.

How do we accomplish this?

One way that we accomplish this is by dismantling all negative programming in our subconscious mind around money and then learn to circulate our  money and support causes or initiatives that are congruent with who we are. Remember, we live in a world of thought and energy. Therefore by focusing on what we want with our intention and will which amounts to our thoughts and Essence (desire) which will determine the direction and frequency of our manifested desires.

When we use our Essence for our emancipation into the higher frequency realms where everything is possible– that is: to raise our frequency, as we live in a spiritual system in service of Essence and humanity, then we literally raise our energy upwards in frequency, but determination and motivation  and the desire to experience Essence in physicality that will elevate our frequency to our Essence.

It is important to know that if we only use our thoughts and emotions for our material and separative purpose we tend to send our frequency downwards until it becomes super dense and this is how our energy is harvested. Remember money is the densest and most material form of energy today because we use it mostly for a material, separative and dense purposes. Most of the money on Earth today is used for war, destruction and the suppression of life which means that the energy inherent in money keeps acting in the realm of negativity.

Most of the money on Earth today is used for war, destruction, and manipulation of power which means that the frequency inherent in money keeps acting in the realm of war, destruction and the manipulation and control of power. Therefore the frequency inherent in money is literally imprisoned and crystallized in that range of the lowest dense frequency and it needs to be regenerated and that will only happen through each of us.
So, if we want to raise the frequency of this planet, it is not just enough to raise the frequency of our thinking, feeling, speaking and acting life, we also need to raise the frequency of the energy of money. And we raise the frequency of money (among other things) by each one of us beginning to use the money we have to support those products, services, inventions, causes and channels that serve humanity and evolution.

In every industry you will find people and organizations that work for the betterment and evolution of human life. Everywhere you will find creative people and visionaries who sincerely want to improve the life of their community online or offline. This is where the money needs to flow, because as we begin to use our money to support a higher vision and purpose, we begin to channel the energy of money upwards in frequency. And as we channel the energy of money upwards in frequency, we will literally release money from the bondage of human desire and greed! When we decide to raise, purify and redeem the energy of money from bondage of the lower frequency realm of materialism where there is lack, fear, negativity, and scarcity. Once money is released from bondage into a higher frequency range it can never again be misused for a selfish, low-frequency purposes which is the same as our Essence. Therefore when we individually and collectively make the choice to direct our money consciously into higher evolutionary channels, money will never again be held hostage by human selfishness and materialism. This is the law. But we need to begin to deliberately work with the law.

Money plays a very important part in all of our lives, yet it increasingly accumulates in fewer and fewer hands to the detriment of more and more people. It is our collective responsibility to free the energy of money by beginning to channel it into a higher purpose. It is our collective responsibility to generate as much money as we can so we can restore it to its rightful divine place by using it all in service of humanity. There is nothing spiritual about being poor. Each and every one of us should make it a point in life to become financially free and abundant so we may be able to do the work we have come here to do which is nothing less than giving birth a world that is more congruent with who we are and who we are becoming Essence personified.

Can you have both Essence and money? Yes! In fact, you should have both Essence and money. It's what you need to live on the Earth these days. Having a connection to both realms the spiritual and physical is a new paradigm that we get to participate in.

Negative past-life memories where we had to choose either God or money can come into play now, limiting your ability to have both. You need to release the past subconscious programming, past life vows, and all discordant energy around these issues that your Essence has accumulated.


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