New Moon in Aires (Sidereal) May 15-16, 2018, May Activate Energetic Patterns related to Feelings of where you Need or Desire Security, Consistency and Stability in your Life!

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The April New Moon that fell on the 15th-16th in the fire sign of Aries (Sidereal), created a very busy and highly active New Moon that set the stage to bring about some powerful changes within each of us.

Since the Libra full moon (Sidereal) April 30, 2018, the Universe has really been challenging us to get our priorities in order and to assess what we have been giving our time and attention too.

We may be still lingering in the energies of this past new moon which may continue to illuminate and alert us to things that are no longer working for us, or there may have been issues that have forced us to reconsider how we have been doing things.

Our literal reaction to the seemingly moon-less sky that will happen on May 15, 2018, is representative of the astrological reaction that will be felt as a result of the new moon's presence in the sky. Without the bright moon to distract our attention, everything else comes into view. Issues that we've been ignoring. Behaviors that haven't been serving us. Responsibilities we've been neglecting. And all of the things we want for ourselves — both personally, professionally, and spiritually. All of these things will come into view and stand out against the darkness. Therefore, with the rise of the dark moon comes the rise of a lot of feelings.

Now as our energy begins to build from the New Moon in Aires back in April 2018 and this new moon in Aires set on May 15, 2018, opposite Jupiter, will most likely activate the feelings for the need for more consistency, security and stability in our lives which may become magnified on the external reflective by those who may want to control us out of their own inner fears and unconscious programs relating to security, stability and consistency; however, as we tune into these energy dynamics it is important not to resist others unconscious dysfunctional programs that may result as these frequencies engulf them as they most be operating under, but instead choose to let go otherwise you will find yourself caught in others negative energy patterns which will activate a negative frequency pattern leaving you in the clutches of others dramas and fears, causing you to loose clarity not allowing you to explore and experience a clearer path that awaits you with less resistance based on the dream you are wanting to manifest into your life experience.

Under the energy of the Aries New Moon, we are all going to be given some guidance on the changes we can make in order to bring more harmony and balance into our lives.

These changes may require us to step outside of our comfort zone and to break some long term habits, and April 2018 new moon was one of the best New Moon’s of the year to do so.

Now pleases note that there is also a six-month link between new and full moons. Each new moon falls in a specific zodiac sign. Then, six months later, a full moon occurs in that same zodiac sign Aires on September 28, 2018, I show below according to tropical astrology, and it will the same for the Sidereal astrology chart as well with the Moon in Aires quincunx Sun in Libra. Some keywords that describe quincunxes are: redirecting, challenging, requiring adjustments, diverting.

We have a new Moon in Aires on May 15, 2018 (Sidereal) the day before Uranus enters Taurus May 16, 2018, (tropical) will activate within our energetic field a need or desire for more stability, security, and consistency and as this energy pattern takes hold of us on a subliminal level it will attempt to pull on each of us energetically, as some manifested crisis, or negative experience, or the feeling that someone is thwarting our efforts to move in a positive direction.

just as Uranus moves into Tropical Taurus and you start to feel the energies of stability, consistency and security it is important to know that Uranus is just beginning it's evolution through Sidereal Aires which will propel you to want to create a sense of inner autonomy or inner authority, inner sovereignty which may masquerade as having your own way, but really this is about letting go of ways you tend to control your life externally, and learn to trust your inner authority.

I have to say that I have found the best way to deal with any negative  energies coming at you, is to let go and not resist the energetic's playing out in our life right now, let go of the need to control your external environment.

Tune into your inner authority and learn to feel into the energies of sovereignty as you let go, which will evolve your Essence into an inner womb or wall of protection for yourself. Because when we allow this inner wall of protection to build as it will within our biological vehicle, we will gradually learn to protect ourselves from the external assault from others, unconscious reactions in their attempt to control their environment as they continue to act out their fears in order to cling, and control what is known. When we choose to let go of the lower frequencies and tune into the higher frequencies of our Essence, we will become stronger in truth, allowing each of us the capacity to create from our centre from our inner authority.

in closing so while you're looking up at the dark sky, you should be thinking about the life that you want, and how that differs from the life that you're living. During this time, you will likely be able to focus your intentions, enabling to allow you to think more clearly. In a similar way that the full moon inspires us to express ourselves to others and come out of our proverbial shells, the new moon inspires us to be internally expressive. It inspires us to look at ourselves and take stock of how we are feeling, and where we are in our intentions for living our best life yet.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discover and uncover your energy signature which can be revealed through your astrology blueprint, because once you unlock your astrology blueprint; it will reveal how Essence is shaped into the personality that is you, and how your personality has crystallized and become your identity over your current life span, because once this is revealed you are, you will unlock your blueprint in ways you never thought imaginable creating a clearer path upon which you can live your best life yet.

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