How the Material World was Created from an Artificial Sky Map through Myth, Allegory Creating a His -Story which in TRUTH, is used to Disguise the Universal Process of the Creation of Worlds!

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It was the power control force who laid down their systems of cosmology and anthropology, which have become the very old tradition in the Bibles of humanity, universally revered and in them were given the ordinances of life, the constitution of the cosmos, the laws governing both nature and mind.

Today the intellectual systems still constitute the system of all human action guided by an unforeseen intelligence which is the universe. For they were the first Institutes embodying the fundamentals of all moral behavior, and the only true chart and compass to guide human effort in a line of harmony with an overshadowing divine plan of evolution for the Cosmos.

We are born from the primordial substance from which all matter is formed" a universal mind (that in ancient mythology of many different cultures was called the cosmic egg) and ultimately derives from the Greek ὕλη (hūlē, hȳlē), "matter" or water.

However , as we are learning this system of consciousness is corrupted and  the corruption and final loss of the basic meaning of these systems of thought has been, in the whole of time, the greatest tragedy in human history, and so the story begins with the Virgo Constellation and end with the Libra constellation and it is within this wheel of time space was created and it is in these 12 spaces of mind that reveals the process and conception of how wombs, matrix's or material worlds built.

What appears as the traditional sky map is a definite and recognized sign system which has been the standard since the age of Pisces, For the sun had entered the sign of the Fishes about 255 B.C.  to a certain extent, because several changes have been made to it. Despite the fact that discretionary renaming of constellations (even in favourable ideological conditions) has not been successful.

The current sky map created by the power control system is an artificially created theological sky map which was designed in an attempt to captivate the collective mind of humanity using names developed in sufficient detail so that our individuated capacity to create worlds would become fixed in the collective mind defined by a collective his- story, and why the likelihood of the spread and usage of  a sky map that featured powerful stories that were imbedded in all major world religious books was successful.

Therefore we cannot disregard the possibility that this is the kind of mechanism which was used during many historical periods to make the classic celestial map more popular so that the new names of constellations then also had roots in different cultures throughout the world.

It is important to note that in every ancient system of cosmology this globe called earth is the lowest of all planetary spheres and yet a mirror image of the universal mind.

Did you ever wonder why the sky map is divided into 12 signs and houses?

This was needed in order to keep humanity sequestered unconsciously composed of twelve groups of conscious units struggling on the road to divinization, therefore by dividing your consciousness it made it harder for you or the body of humanity to individuate by being forced to gather up twelve baskets of it's fragmented self before ever reaching any sense of wholeness or completion or one unit, united no longer divided.

You see the power control force new that the synthesis of all powers within each human being was to be evolved in the process of deification and individuated consciousness through a soul in a physical body, and that this process called evolution of consciousness can only happen if the twelve aspects of the Christ consciousness finally reintegrated, or "gathered up" in one climactic unity in order to become a sovereign mind.

Now what eludes most of humanity is that there is a cosmical transforming energy locked up in the bosom of all matter or human beings! and this is very important, and yet with all the complex historical ancient indirection of the power control system has in fact been able to manufacture a world out of process of conception in order to obscure the idea that the soul must be tied down in its linkage within the deeply hidden energies of matter and body until one day through it's process of conscious evolution the fiery potencies burning at that level of the lower mind or ego refine and purify its grosser elements whereby a sovereign mind prevails and mind of matter allows each human being to create it's own world through the pattern of conception hidden in our midst our known universe.

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