Liberation From Consciousness, Redefining the Life and Death Program, Full Moon March 31, 2018


On March 31, 2018, we will have a full moon, from Sidereal astrology, this full moon will be located in the Hasta Nakshatra, it will be the second of two full moons in the month of March making it a Blue Moon by name only.  This is important because it provides each of us the opportunity through these energies to liberate ourselves from the life and death program we have been born into, and I will explain more as we discuss this months full moon energies and how they may have the capacity to illuminate and liberate you out of your individual and collective consciousness programming.

Now the word Hasta itself means the hand. The human hand, or more specifically the palm of the hand, through which the entire individuality of a person can be read, is the symbol of this asterism.

The male and female aspects of all existence stand for the four fingers or the four primary motivating forces or four divisions of the cosmos which are the four sheaths or layers respectively of matter, life, mind and intelligence.

The Hasta Nakshatra extends from 160° 00' to 173° 20' of the zodiac. It lies entirely within the sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury.

Hasta contains within it an immense regenerative power. creative and transforming energy. This energy enables life to grow and assume innumerable shapes as consciousness in it's many forms, and also note that Hasta's primary motivation is Moksha, or liberation from and through consciousness.

The cycle of birth, growth, decay and death shows the transformation of the
energy content of the human vessel experiencing life. This asterism will impel you as an individual under its impact to change, and take on new shapes and grow as you mold and shape your world. This process of growth results from the inner urge to march ahead, while external conditions exert resistance.

Thus conflict and different levels of crises are the natural features of this lunar mansion. The impediments, difficulties and obstructions which you may be experiencing in your life are occurring due to the opposing forces impinging on you as an individual creation.

On a spiritual level, Hasta is the seat of the interplay of nature's finer forces.
The two basic impulses in nature are attraction and repulsion, the expression of positive and negative energy impulses. This duality is the primary cause of all movement and growth in the universe. The universe itself is circumscribed by the twelve radiations of the cosmic creative force, which astrologically is reflected through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Hasta gives self-reliance and control over the outgoing cosmic energy that is
always ready to proceed further. however various impediments arise as you go through this process  as natural reactions to it. This is because whenever any kind of kinetic energy moves over static matter, there is resistance to it.

Therefore when we have an individualistic approach to life as is natural under the Hasta asterism we must bear in mind this kind of confrontation, because in truth he inner faculties can only develop through such an exercise.

The hand stands for prowess or the capacity which enables the individual to
withstand confrontation. The hand also refers to full confidence in your Essence's capabilities to march ahead and this self-reliance springs from the fact that the individual is aware of his own faculties through an understanding of his real nature and the laws of the universe. This is the basic and most important characteristic of Hasta.

The two hands represent the positive and the negative energy currents, the centripetal and centrifugal forces, attraction and repulsion, most fundamental units of measurement are based on the hand. A cubit consists of two spans of three times the four finger width of the hand.

The Hasta asterism operates on the entire universe. It functions both on
subjective and objective planes of existence. Wherever Essence can have any existence, there Hasta as an asterism has its affect. This makes it a very deep acting influence. Consequently, Hasta is said to represent time or duration and this is how all activities can be productive only in the time-space continuum.

If your feeling any sort of resistance, stuck in your attempts to move forward in life, or maybe your feeling thwarted as if your being taken off your path, then you maybe feeling the affects of the illumination of intense energies at play of attraction and repulsion, which remember are the main dynamics in our universal cosmos and these energy dynamics are being illuminated through your actions and reactions during this months full moon March 31, 2018.

Then it would be safe to say that the energies are having an intense impact on you right now through your physical world experience, so this maybe a time for you to better understand these energies at play in your life; so that you can become the master over your consciousness instead of it having mastery over who you think you are, which is far from the TRUTH of who you are, because ultimately you at the core is the very foundation of which physical worlds are built that is your essence, source, or infinite self, remember these are just pointers because at the very core you are truly the only reality.

In closing your Astrology chart provides the blueprint of the mental model of how you think feel and and it also reveals what actions you have taken and will take in your life!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discover and uncover your energy signature which can be revealed through your astrology blueprint, because once you unlock your astrology blueprint; it will reveal how Essence is shaped into the personality that is you, and how your personality has crystallized and become your identity over your current life span, because once this is revealed you are, you will unlock your blueprint in ways you never thought imaginable creating a clearer path upon which you can live your best life yet.

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