Kerrace Alexander, founder and principal facilitator Bigfish Strategies Inc.

Kerrace Alexander, adult educator, spiritual lecturer, philanthropist and Author of the RippleFX Teachings, RippleFX Seven Stages of Manifestation and Practitioner RippleFX Resilience Healing Technique.

I was Born in New York, however I spent most of my childhood and received my early education in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

I am a daughter of a beautiful mother and a mystical father, and I have 3 siblings of which one is deceased. My father was a spiritual teacher a guru of sorts a very intelligent charismatic man in his day. They called him a pioneer of the "New Age Movement." My father lived a full life until his early death at 38 years.

I consider my childhood upbringing as very unusual and non- traditional in many ways. And so for the purpose of this biography I grew up never being able to come to terms with my fathers chosen profession of work as a spiritual teacher and for that reason alone I did everything I could to fit into society which I find interesting today looking back in retrospect.

I later returned to my home State to complete my Bachelor of Business Administration and upon completion of my degree I came back to Vancouver, Canada and started my career working for several local companies.

I was not really consciously aware of it, but I always had internal knowing as to how companies should work and by seeing the many differences in how companies conducted business it gave me insights into how to develop operational business systems using experiences from the challenges and opportunities companies faced wanting to compete in both domestic and international markets.

For the next 16 years, I focused my work in the areas of developing business systems in the areas of international trade, business development, marketing, and leadership management and personal skills and development training while working for and with various organizations in Vancouver and around the world. For the past 5 years I have designed and instructed many life skills, wellness and personal development programs in addition to conducting and leading over 40 groups and have accumulated over 500 hours of training experience.

It was not until spring of 1998 that on a personal level I had what could be called a "dark night of the soul" or the beginning of my process of spiritual awakening, ascension and empowerment and from that point on I have never looked back. As I began my journey of self - exploration and healing for 12 years I worked with several therapists and immersed myself in various spiritually based training programs and workshops.

However, about 4 years ago I made the decision to allow universal intelligence to work through me as I continued my journey of self exploration and healing. It was at that point that I began to have very intense mystical experiences which accelerated my spiritual awakening and ascension process creating numerous spiritual awakening and ascension symptoms, including Kundalini activation and believe me when I say it has been one of the most transformational periods my entire life.

I am not promoting doing your spiritual journey on your own as I have found having a mentor or being involved in community is a very good option as long as you don't become dependent because what I have found is the ultimate goal for each of us is to become empowered and self responsible moving away from the saviour symptoms which we all are so conditioned to believe that someone will save us.

In all honesty you and I both know that someone is you. Only you can save you. That being said having a support system is paramount and most important until you feel you can go it alone and that is what I believe. I support people on their personal development journey to the point where they can go solo. I facilitate the transformational awakening and empowerment process and journey using the systems and techniques I have developed based on my experience.

If there is one little piece of wisdom I can leave you with is this transformation is a part of life that we should embrace whole heartedly it provides wonderful opportunities for Learning and growth.

I always knew that opening to self love was a big part of my personal journey, but I never imagined what I know and feel within my heart today. I am humbled by the fact that I can actually feel unconditional love for myself and not have to look to the external world for someone to love me.

I now experience love without conditions through my connection to the universal intelligence that permeates all that exists and I know within my being and through my connection to source that there exists an abundance of love that awaits me and you each and every moment.

In Love and Light!


I mean to actually feel love and experience love each and every moment it is as simple as breathing the love that exists in every breath I take, I never thought that was possible.

I can only say what a gift it has been for me to learn the truth of who I am and to reclaim my birthright my divinity as unconditional love. WOW!