How to Free Yourself from Conflict and Reclaim Your Magnificence NOW?


On our path as Essence we must transcend the death program that we are immersed within you know that collective unconscious, so that we can experience our essence fully in physical form, and we do this by relegating the heart as our primary lens of perception relegating the linear conscious mind which is trapped in time and space, consumed by the program of death, or the foreign installation as Carlos Castaneda called it.

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Therefore when we learn to use the heart as our primary lens of perception we gradually become an un-conflicted individuals because an un-conflicted person has dominion over a conflicted or divided individual that is one who is consumed by fear and doubt, and the foreign installation of consciousness upon which your essence interfaces that is your astrological blueprint is what can be considered a foreign installation upon which your essence is captured and living out existence as the personality that is you through your biological vehicle therefore in truth your essence is trapped in time and space designed to keep you from the truth and knowing of your magnificence.

Whether one is conflicted or un-conflicted, such dominion highlights two different types of behaviour, as an un-conflicted person you become immune to danger or disaster during an unfolding event as long as you remember to let the force of your essence dictate your behaviour to take over in order to avoid the knee-jer reflex of fear and doubt.

Miraculous and impossible events unfold once you abandon all hope and turn over matters to the force of will of essence your quintessence. And when you do that in these situations it is never a negotiable decision, as an instant hesitation on your part will erase all possibility, therefore you either fall into the unconflicted state beyond doubt and fear in the instant opening or you lose the chance.

The opening flashes through your awareness and the decision to fall into the un-conflicted state without fear and doubt simultaneously, therefore the perception of the opening and the decision to fall into the un-conflicted state of your essence must be simultaneous.

You can initiate this state whenever you are faced with adversity in your life you arbitrarily place yourself in the situation and by maintaining confidence that the opening will present itself at some critical moment when you need it most as your confidence or freedom from doubt will bring about the revelation of your force your essence, after which ordinary cause does not have to produce the expected effect.

When you experience essence at a certain point in your journey you will become and unconflicted individual possessing unconflicted behaviour, it is not a religious, theoretical, philosophical or semantic issue, nor a matter of logic. Instead it is a crack in the egg of your physical material reality where the way of faith becomes dominant through your life experiences, the way by which creator and created give rise to each other as faith and belief are poles apart.

Belief is intellectual and from the head, and yet faith comes from the heart, chi essence you know that center f will power in our being. Therefore by shifting our behaviour in order to transcend death we do this by living without fear and doubt, knowing that you can do anything, this is true mastery where you become the true master over your creations.

Carlos Castaneda had a metaphor for this un-conflicted state, and he described it as a “cubic centimeter of chance” suggesting a wide margin for the nanosecond speed with which this opportunity opens and closes, almost like a single pulse we must fall through at the instant of its opening.

This is why the greatest metaphor of un-conflicted behaviour was Jesus, who metaphorically urged us to be aware and awake- as we never new at what instant it or he, ESSENCE that is in truth might come full radiant ESSENCE in all her glory, but remember the quickening is upon each of us feel into her let go of your resistance let go of your insecurities as they are all limitations designed to keep you forever trapped in time and space deluding you every step of the way that you may have in fact jumped linear time and space while you continue to experiencing the limiting dream of existence.

Think of any human being on earth, and you will know, that no matter who they are, or what they think of themselves, or what they do, the result of their actions is always the same senseless figures in front of a mirror, that is until you learn to use the heart as your primary tool of perception because once you do that the physical material game changes.

Be aware of your vibration and chose it consciously in every moment, as current experiences are based on the vibration you have held in the past.

Plant new mind seeds, constantly by using your imagination to create what excites you the most right now and create from your essence, and learn to get used to being in the non-physical realm which will allow you to with intent resolve the conflict of your linear conscious mind and the heart mind your two minds so that you can hear the voice of essence as it is ethereal and abstract and yet as vital to you as anything can be.

Kurious Magnificence is a growing community of like-hearted Essences, who dare to share their unique exquisite perception so that we learn to weave our creations from the ethereal realm into the life web of the earth through our living experience; not through mental constructs as the things we were taught which only get in the way. It is here that we dare to abandon concepts and constructs that define who we are in order to gather from the heart of our ESSENCE, and help each other live a whole and fulfilled life, allowing each of us to become what we are meant to be this is what Kurious Magnificence is all about.


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