How the Solar Revolution is Revealing the Mysteries of Shambala?


The mysteries of Shambala archetypes illuminate the solar revolution as it's elemental supersensory sheath of forces surrounding the earth dips down at the poles. The elemental sphere of forces does not move with the earth, but remains in a kind of static relationship to the sun. The structure of its forces is able to influence the earth-elements so that, for example, it can give rise to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. In this way, a sort of friction is generated on the earth, a perpetual grinding between this sheath of forces and the earth’s sphere which produces the Schumann Wave.real news higher consciousness news

Just as the human body contains a series of chakras, or subtle energy centers, linked by the sushumna, a central channel in the spinal cord, there are corresponding energy centers on and in the body of the earth. Shambhala is sometimes described as the main power center with auxiliary centers scattered about the globe.

In theosophy, the heart of mother earth is said to beat “under the foot of sacred Shambhala”, and we are told of the existence of a fountain of life in the bowels of the earth and in the North Pole. It is the blood of the earth, the electro-magnetic current, which circulates through all the arteries; and which is said to be found stored in the ‘navel’ of the earth.

In Hindu mythology Meru is the mystical mountain at the center of the world, where Indra, king of the gods, has his jeweled palace. Mount Meru is conceived of as the earth’s navel as well as its central staff, its source of life and power spreading out from the central region to the world. The symbolism here is derived from embryology; just as the embryo grows from the navel outwards, so does the earth. Meru actually has several different meanings, including a mountain in Asia, the north geographical pole, the north celestial pole, the earth’s spin axis, the world axis connecting earth to higher realms, and the cerebrospinal axis of the human body.

And it is in the inner reservoir of our physical and psycho-Essence life-forces that correspond to the root chakra in the human body, which is situated at the base of the spine. From this viewpoint, Meru represents the central duct or path of terrestrial kundalini or shakti running through the earth.

Now here is a rather interesting connection in relation to the solar revolution we are experiencing in the deconstruction of consciousness as we evolve out of this womb matrix as a species. Earth's magnetosphere and the Sun's magnetic field are constantly pressed against one another on the dayside of Earth. And approximately every eight minutes, these fields briefly merge, forming a temporary "portal" between the Earth and the Sun through which high-energy particles such as solar wind can flow. The portal takes the shape of a magnetic cylinder about the width of Earth. Current observations place the portal at up to 4 times the size of Earth.

Flux Transfer Event

Which is supporting our ability pierce the veil of the perceptional lense upon which our consciousness has been hijacked allowing each of to claim our minds as sovereign and create from our unique individuated expression as Essense in human form. Therefore now is the time more than ever for each of us to remember our connection to the etheric realm of the earth and our human etheric body. The etheric body is essentially the fountain of our “eternal youth” that builds up our physical body through forces of alternating levity and magnetism. The etheric body of the earth encompasses the elements of earth, water, air, fire, light, sound, and life. These elements and others are manipulated by science into electrical and electromagnetic forces as a “shadow substance” of spirit which are manufactured entities which are used to forward the power control force agenda.

It is our reconnection to our Essence as we learn to embody and intuit our ether body that will connect each of us to the etheric realms of the Earth that are the most important event in history. It is our ability to use our imaginations that will allow us to master the etheric realm so that it can be filled with the warmth of our positive thoughts imbued with the wisdom of our Essence.

There is a wonderful source of ever renewing forces of life surrounding the Earth which is being precipitated by the solar revolution that is occurring now. Let's say it is metamorphizing as the super-etheric realm of Earth, or Shambhala in the East, and New Jerusalem or Eden Redeemed in the West. In this etheric realm exists every perfected body of a saint, avatar, bodhisattva, or spiritual person is imprinted and saved for all time to come in this etheric realm on this physical dimension. Once a perfected “vehicle” is imprinted into this realm, it is available to copy itself for the use of any initiate who wishes to embody it. This super-etheric realm is also called the “Realm of Essence Economy,” where the Essence within each of us evolves to employ wise economy by replicating perfected bodies for those in like resonance.

Each human Essence is an entire world. And worlds are being lost to the power control system intellectual systems, thinking and the thought process, while locked in a sense-bound desire of the physical material world instead of using the imagination to unleash one's unique creative expression. Because it is Essence that is giving wisdom, love, and the “waters of life” in the realms of the super etheric, whereas the power control system is creating lies, pain, suffering, and evil that drain life from the etheric body.

By seeking self-initiation and having the desire to embody Essence, the aspirant joins in the battle for the etheric realm with every thought, feeling, and creative expression.

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