How Emotional Clearing can Support You to Stay Balanced in your Work and Life?

piercing the veil of reality

his is a time of personal metamorphosis. As this cycle intensifies, there will be an outpouring of emotions on this planet. An emotion is an ‘energy in motion.’ And we’ve been trained to resist them.

But, if we are resistant to the energies that are available to support us in our evolutionary unfoldment, we will crumble in personal crisis. So, we must learn to unconditionally accept, without judgment, that everything we experience in our lives is simply energy. And clearing emotional energies requires an understanding of how energy needs to move. This is the new paradigm where our mind will be transformed and our perspectives will be shifted to the heart.

Clearing emotional energies will be one of the biggest shifts people will experience during humanity’s current evolution. We must come to understand that the events that cause our emotional issues are deliberately orchestrated by our Spirit. This is part of the directive of prime creator as part of the divine plan to evolve humanity to the level of our evolution through the emotional clearing process it provide each of us with the opportunity to harness our inner power and learn to respond without reacting. If you do the emotional clearing work you will be able to create a reality outside the confines of the physical world drama that is currently be played out on the world stage!

Please note that this drama that is playing out in our physical world, is done both for our own growth and for the growth of humanity. Although challenging for many it is a rites of passage we must go through in order to evolve and grow as a species.

If you would like to learn more about this phenomenon currently sweeping the planet and you would like support navigate the world you are creating. Please contact me and learn how I can help you manage your emotions instead of your emotions managing you through emotional clearing!

Lets Evolve Shall We?


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