How Instantaneous Magnetism Manifests in the Universe?

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Our universe is electric and magnetic and our body is created of light energy which includes 2 main fields. One is electrical or psychic mind and the other magnetic psychic body.  In fact, the field around our mind is electrical and the field around our body is magnetic. When we balance the electrical and magnetic forces with our mind and body we can develop instantaneous magnetism.

There are a couple of characteristics regarding the human magnetic field that I feel are worth looking at.

An iron object can be magnetized by STROKING or by STRIKING with FORCE. This process takes place because of the structure of the light energy magnetic field. Humanity has this very same magnetic field. We have within our blood, a concentration of iron that can be manipulated to affect our DNA. When the very same techniques are applied to a segment of society as are applied to a piece of iron, the very same magnetization occurs.

How magnetism manifests in the universe

Incredibly, magnetism is everywhere in the cosmos: planets, stars, gaseous nebulae, entire galaxies and the overall universe are all magnetic.

What does it mean to say that a heavenly body is magnetic? For a solid body like the Earth, the idea is reasonably simple: the Earth's core is a giant bar magnet, with north and south poles.

But farther afield, things get weird.

Our entire Milky Way galaxy is also a magnet. Just like the Earth, the Milky Way's magnetism is produced by electrical currents. But while the Earth has a molten core to carry these currents, our galaxy's magnetism is powered by uncounted numbers of electrons, slowly drifting in formation through space.

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I found this quote from the article interesting:

We might have completely tamed magnets for our purposes, so much so that we almost never give them a moment's thought. 

The underlying message is that humanity has magnetic qualities, in fact, magnetism is life itself and the power control force has magnetically seduced humanity to be polarized, reacting and retaliating to a perception of reality which is continuously being manufactured!

the Kabba in Mecca which is the house of GOD looks very similar to the magnet picture

The only difference between the picture above and the one below is instead of iron filling's around a cube human's are being used as magnets!

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