How do Realms Influence what we know as Reality?

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 E verything vibrates and everything is mind and consciousness influences what we think is reality; throughout our lives our minds have developed a unique vibratory signature which is our aura and through the principle of resonance this aura attracts a corresponding spectrum of experiences, and individuals with a common frequency will  tend to cross paths in life and share common realms of experiences.

When one explores and contemplates the idea of living in different realms one can come to a better understanding of how vibrations influence experience and how experience influences vibrations as our experiences are really the effects of hyper dimensional processes.

It is important to note that your aura consists of patterned energy and information such as thoughts and emotions and it your personal frequency that you are resonating that will determine what information will be processed through your physical system. In fact our emotional nature determines the archetypal range of accessible experience and this range, which consists of our thoughts and emotions determine the archetypes experienced. And it is the strength of our intent that determines how accurately and vividly what we are thinking, feeling and imagining manifests into our lives.

It is our individual mind that is the laser, our thoughts and emotions create the frequency, and it is the amplitude is our level of intent.

At each moment in time our universe is but one slice of a complex web of infinite possibilities that is unchanging and eternal. And with the power of our minds we can mold and shape reality within the infinite possibilities available in the universe.

You could say that the realms are the personal worlds we inhabit, which include our sphere of influence, range of perception and region of activity. They are specific areas of the universe we illuminate in accordance with our vibratory spectrum, our being our Essence.

However the realms that you reside in are based on your dominant belief systems and experience. Therefore depending on your belief systems you will reside in realms that are different than others and the difference is determined by different belief systems about reality based on experiences; those in the same realm will have similar experiences. The more a group of individuals interact with each other, the more their realms merge. Two individuals in completely different realms will rarely interact with or perceive each other. Realms also measure the engagement range of one’s freewill, and so entering a person’s realm means engaging their freewill.

Again realms exist according to the frequency resonance vibration of an individual. If ones frequency resonance vibration is the strength and tone of one's Essence vibration based on the individuals level of knowledge and direction of evolution then ones resonance vibration is based on ones astrology blueprint, which is tied to one's perceptions which is made up of one's thoughts and attitudes which form beliefs which mould perceptions and experiences.




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