Higher Consciousness news! How Does Astrology and The Planetary Nodes Influence Your Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviour and Destiny?


Here we deconstruct consciousness by delivering higher consciousness news.

Our universe is a thought universe made up of thought cells which create the thought universe, and it is these stellar cells of the universe that create all thought forms, and it is these same thought cells of the universe that create the energetic dynamics of the planets in our solar system which create our physical world stage through the visual light spectrum.

It is the planetary energies that make up the visual light spectrum that influence the thoughts, attitudes and emotions of every individual in this physical world either lowering or raising consciousness states which affects human behaviour.

This physical world system is primarily built on the premise that the body of humanity will always live in a state of ignorance with little understanding of the nature of consciousness.

If one can consider that there are no causes in the observable world, as the observable is a world of effects. It becomes more clearly understood why society constantly expends its efforts to correct effects instead of causes which is why by design human development proceeds so slowly.

While many will state that the accomplishments of mankind are most impressive for having been achieved almost blindly through trial and error this is simply not true.

If one were to examine the human condition, as many of us tend to do here would you agree with the idea that man has acquired an impressive degree over nature?

Or could we easily come to the conclusion that man has limited knowledge of and control of over his/her inner being. Could we then in fact say that humanity at large is ignorant of what is going in the depths of his or her unconscious? And is unable to reach up to the ethereal super conscious levels in order to become aware of ones true self?

If we dare to contemplate these questions; as we do here,  we can become the witness with our eyes and feel with our intuition that there exists a wide discrepancy between humanities ability to experience it’s external and inner powers as one of the most profound causes of the individual and collective evils which afflict our civilization and greatly jeopardize our future.

Can we say that one of the main obstacle of human development is knowledge about the nature of consciousness and energy dynamics? and while many here have managed to uncover the secret behind consciousness. If we dare to dig a little deeper;  it is important for each of us to have the capacity to see that behind all forms of consciousness there are energy patterns of attractor's, of resistance to one's essential nature that is your essence that is the well spring of well being.

Therefore we are either allowing our well being or resisting our well being it's that simple. Now it is important to note that relative weight and merit is given to certain data or information, or consciousness which is determined by a predominate attractor pattern operating in the individual or collective group of minds; and for most of humanity that attractor pattern is negative which manifests as fear in it's many forms.

Now in order to put things in perspective, these energy patterns of resistance that manifest and formulate within each of us generate from the celestial motions of the planets in our solar system. And it is the power control system that has the capacity to identify, describe and collaborate information, or consciousness derived from planetary motions in our solar system, in order to understand human behaviour, in order to design a manufactured reality, which creates a past or history (his- story) and steer the destiny of humanity into what a defined dream state.

And while this can be daunting and perplexing or mind boggling to the average person, through the act of awareness one can better understand what I am saying, as it truly it is just a matter of time when more will come to understand that the consciousness of humanity is ruled by the stars, and that the body of humanity is manipulated through celestial motions through the star systems as portrayed through the astrological wheel of time and space.  Can you comprehend the power you wield with this wisdom? Now more than ever, we truly have the capacity break the spell cast upon each of us by breaking the habit of who we have become in order to create the future which is more aligned with who we truly are that is our Essence our quintessence.

Can you feel into the importance of knowing your astrology blueprint so that you can control your destiny?

Because it is only when we decide to recognize and harness the power of our astrology blueprint and it’s power to create our thoughts, through the thought process and mind while navigating a predestined future.  Then we will be able to decode astrology in relation to our individual lives and the manufactured reality of the collective body of humanity that is being created for us by the power control system.  Can you comprehend what this will mean? It will provide each of us with the capacity to manipulate the course of history (his-story) on the physical world stage.

Here is something else I want to share with you which is important to know, you see there are patterns of energy that are created by planetary motions that reveal aspects of consciousness in it’s different phases of involution, evolution or devolution irrespective of individual identities, independent of belief systems or intellectual content, and it is these higher level energy pattern that we want to develop mastery over.

The North Node and South Node - What Do They Mean In A Chart?

I will give you an example there are many possible interpretations, but to put it succinctly, the sign of the North Node shows the quality of your line of greatest evolutionary development; the sign of the South Node shows the quality of your line of least resistance. In this regard, remember that often the North Node efforts are difficult, whereas the South Node patterns are familiar, and therefore usually easy these nodes  holds the keys to your destiny and ultimate life lessons. When the nodes shift signs portals open creating opportunities for you to experience your essence quintessence. This shift holds the promise of a dominant world view in which the individual is allowed his/her freedom to actualize as an independently liberated being (Leo), yet still participate in group life in the spirit of altruism and humanitarianism (Aquarius). Look at your astrology chart and notice which houses the north and south node reside these are the areas of life which offer the greatest potential for growth right now.

The North and South nodes are considered power attractor fields organizing all of human behaviour into what is innate in humanness that is our raw potential, and within these giant attractor fields are sequential fields of progressively less energy and more power for humanity if they are able to harness this power. Over time these fields will dominate the collective consciousness so that the defined patterns are consistent across cultures and time throughout human history.

However, because it is our habit to be resistant or to have  negative thought patterns, this keeps us from allowing the things we desire into our lives. Although we do not consciously or intentionally develop these resistant patterns; they are embedded in our astrological blueprint and until we become conscious of our astrology blueprint we live under the unconscious will of our thought the thought process and the mind.

 How Do the Resistance Patterns to our ultimate Destiny Arise?

The resistance patterns arise out of the planetary aspects between any two planets in our solar system that are transiting our natal astrology chart over time and space; when aspects in our astrology chart are triggered we respond and interact with life through our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and emotions. It is these planetary aspect patterns that we receive from the direct the flow of energy through the in - breath and the out – breath as it is through the breath that we experience the effects of the planetary energies which navigate our  evolution into lower or higher consciousness states.

It is the planetary aspect patterns that create each of us to respond or react to life!  The resistance comes through our negative beliefs about ourselves and the world through the imprinting of our minds and we pick up these planetary resistance patterns along our physical journey bit by bit, experience by experience and these resistance patterns become hardwired into what are called “habit fields”. This system of consciousness is built on conflict or resistance to our natural state of Essence which is our paradise state.

Lets explore this and take this to a deeper level beyond the surface.  If you can consider that we live immersed in a programmed reality construct built on conflict; which is a result of the creative interplay of polarization of opposites, ie. right and left, yang and yin, good and evil and yet there is this divine power of ESSENCE which is the breath and is the foundation upon which the two polarities humanity and the physical world operate.  When we can wrap our minds around these higher level ideas or thought forms; we realize that we have the capacity to overcome the fate of the world that is being created for us and mold the material world to our wants, needs and desires.

In closing, if we consider that the number three is the symbol of the pyramid, which metaphorically is the symbol of active intelligence and yet when three is multiplied by itself, we have the number nine which represents the establishment of human consciousness in the realm of pure intelligence.

It is through the growth of the psycho-mental body which collectively speaking is civilization, that makes the spiritually victorious individual, into the diamond or Christ body which is the result of the alchemical synthesis of masculine and feminine energy whereby transmuting negative energies into positive energy this is what must be done to move out of the collective hive mind of the collective consciousness.

This is the great work.

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  1. Thank you for the article! You are suggesting that the North Node is where evolution is to be achieved — do you know why Vedic astrology suggests the opposite, namely it’s through Ketu that the Matrix can be exited?

    • You will need to review the definition of Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology Natasha! Rahu and Ketu do not reference how to exit the matrix that is done the the lens of the physical heart! Rahu and Ketu are energies which are not understood really, Ketu reveals your gifts or strengths you come into this life-time with and Ketu reveals areas of development that you are striving towards whether you realize it or not, in terms of gifts that you need to develop this lifetime in order to live your best life yet!

      Rahu is the North node in Vedic astrology and it’s energy moves you towards areas of growth for this life and where you will want to focus depending on the house placement. The house that rahu sits in is the house where we have the least experience. At the same time it is the house that we can become obsessive about. It shows us this is the house we did not achieve or work well on in our past life, that is if you believe in past lives. We tend to struggle with Rahu or North node to achieve the things represented by the house rahu sits in because we don’t know how to deal with them in the initial stages because this house signifies an area of growth. But the house/sign rahu sits will be the house/sign we will be the most passionate and obsessive about once we bring more awareness to this area in our astrology chart so keep this in mind.

      Ketu or the South node just wants to be detached from the worldly things and move towards spirituality. The house Ketu sits in is the house we have good expertise in gifts we came into this life-time with. It’s like we have experienced those things related to the house ketu sits in our past life.


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