Great American Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017, For Those in the Know, Ending of Linear Time!

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The power control force mimic nature or natural processes, end times is the end of Linear time which is the real GOD of the physical material world. The Great American Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017, for those in the know, ending of linear time!

The end of the world, or end times is the awareness that time is not a “god”, like the power control force would like us to believe, but rather an effect of the electromagnetic field.

The Earth’s magnetosphere has been the cause of our collective illusion and it is not at all a “protective shield” as most scientists conscious media news

The one that envelopes the Earth is like an APPLE and has had a giant breach since 2008. It is my hope that we can finally understand the meaning of the “original sin”, what “eating the APPLE” really means: Which is dependant on a past while ignoring that the future already exists.

If we look at an eclipse as a cosmic punctuation mark. A solar eclipse or ‘sophisticated’ New Moon (of which there are at least two in any year) marks a fresh chapter. In this instance, alignment with the Royal Star, Regulus, suggests global attention on a world leader. And yes, that could be President Trump.

The period from August 21st to the next Full Moon on September 6thcould prove highly eventful.

With both the September and December New Moons highlighting the Galactic Centre, it does seem likely that world order is changing and that between now and the next Full Moon, there will be singular development.

And while we won't know how this will unfold on the physical world stage until the power control force initiates that new narrative and script. We can individually use this time period to harness our creativity, inner vision and intuition in order to create our mini world which is in alignment with the truth of who we are and who we become

The reversal of the Earth’s rotation acts as a backwards clock and it occurs during the eclipses. Contrary to common beliefs, a Time Reversal Mirror (TRM) is not just as we might witness in Alice’s Wonderland; it is a technique used for decades in the optical domain and is now applied in the ultrasonic one too.

A time reversal does have a human meaning consider it an opportunity portal which allows each of us to formulate and carry out plans, to challenge the idea that our “future” depends on the power control force, governments, and all the intellectual systems that proliferate the physical material world.  Therefore if we dare to consciously use the limitless dark energy, the ether realm which is our Essence, we can design and make a new world a world that already exists in the unlimited possibilities that exist in the inner universe where there is plenty of joy and prosperity for everybody.

Therefore we need to use the light side of the Force, which is our Essence it is a force we cannot see but can feel as intuitions, sensations, Foresight's, feelings, creativity, innovation, emotions. Therefore we must become the observer, and learn to love and trust ourselves.

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