Experimental Consciousness, Using Game Mechanics Rites of Passage,How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Manifest Abundant Life Experiences


Can you conceive that your body is is slowed down sound and light waves, that you are a walking bundle of frequencies a hologram of the universe designer and you are tuned into and designed to replicate the cosmic story,  and that everything you experience in your physical experience is a result of a script of which for the most part you are unconscious of that you are randomly playing out based on the frequency you are emitting, and that until you become conscious of your participation in the game called life and learn the mechanics of the system of consciousness that you are participating in, until you develop mastery of the game of life that capacity to take control over the script you are playing out, that not until then will you feel any sense of victory or mastery of the game called life.

If you allow yourself the moment to contemplate what most people want out of life. In all honesty what most People want is freedom, love abundance, but they have not been given the emotional tools with which to achieve these higher frequencies.

Can you consider that you are Quintessence dressed up in biochemical garments, and your body is the instrument through which your Quintessence experiences the music of the planetary bodies as they traverse through star systems within the solar system also known as the 12 signs of dispensation, otherwise known as the zodiac, which is a model of perception of reality which mimics the rights of passage narrative of the hero's journey.

Can you conceive that the universe is a mind which is projecting a program of perception of reality, and like a game you are co-creating and experiencing from a level of unconscious projections which is creating your objective experience of the world in which you live called the Earth, a landscape upon which you experience the game called life.

Can you also conceive that the purpose of the game of life is to raise your frequency from fear to love, while dissolving all the variant frequencies between fear and love without getting trapped in one emotion or another, but gradually moving to higher and higher frequencies of love from fear based frequencies in the knowing that as you move up the frequency ladder you are able to change your narrative and scripts your operating through providing you with more tools to maneuver in the game of life.

Did you know that biochemical structures of different degrees are the combining of (+) and (-)'s based on how the universe is communicating through each of us whether we realize it or not. And that when we focus on the sub-conscious realm as we visualize and feel with focused intent as if we have what we want, that in the very act we are actively crystallizing the particles of light we live in, into what we want by believing first then visualizing and thinking, so it is not matter that we focus on but the inner contents of our feelings and this is how we shift from creating randomly, to taking control of our creations, that is by shifting our frequency in order to co-create authentically we recreate a new timelines of manifested thought based on the condition of the frequencies of our thoughts and that's how we create new perceptions of realities and experiences with our pure, true authentic line of destiny.

I share the visual below as a metaphor of possibility altered states of consciousness. As we move into higher frequencies we dissolve fear and learn to integrate the feeling states of love, gratitude, joy compassion. Leaving us with the capacity to manipulate the frequencies Hz to manipulate matter and heal ourselves in time and space.

Now the science behind your subconscious mind is that when you use it with visualization the brain is able to record your thoughts on more levels within the brain structure, because the subconscious responds to visuals. Take a moment and listen to this short video on the science behind the magic of visual communication.


It is important to note that in the body of your biological structure are photons that are built with crystals that connected with star systems resonating back and forth like prisms, and these structures of complex reactors of different geometric structures are modulating within you depending on where the planetary bodies are transiting the solar system in relation to your blueprint at the time of your birth and in relation to where the planets are transiting the solar system today.

All these planetary motions are influencing your biology, your brain and mind creating your thoughts desire and actions each and every moment. Therefore, if you have an environment around you that is out of balance, it is though the act of becoming consciously aware that you can recognize the structure of the planetary transits and their impact on your biology, which will allow you to completely recall a new timeline in all the probable perceptions of reality that exist, and that by shifting your frequency you can pull shift into a parallel reality, that can be printed into your crystallized molecular structure in the conjunction of every structure of your atom and molecules outlined in your blueprint and that by simply shifting your frequency into a positive state, with intention and focus and that through maintaining the higher frequency, the new timeline will crystallize the new outcome into a new reality frame as a new projection or timeline that is more favourable for your new frequency.

This is how we become conscious co-creators of our perception of reality, by shifting our frequency which will in-turn shift us out of the current time line the power control system is steering humanity because the power control system cannot and will not operate through the frequency of love through the heart structure because it has a different language and rules upon which life is experienced.

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