Experiencing Essence is Non-Linear

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hen we experience essence as the only and ultimate reality we can access alternate possibilities of what we can create outside our manifested physical world.

How is this possible?

The power control system has left you and I out of the equation when they designed this physical material world by calling it reality and by doing so took our Essence out of the equation “as the ultimate reality” by replicating Essence into the physical material world in order to "Reality" or "Essence" hidden from us.

When we experience our connection to Essence. One actually start experiencing life differently, living and existing between realms outside of linear time and space, where one is no longer bound by linear time; as it dissolves and when you do that then one learns that time is not linear but non-linear, and that time is a function of space; therefore if there is no space and there is no time.

What will also happen for you as you experience Essence is that you will come to realize that time and space is a frame of mind, a way of thinking, and that the thought process is the ego.

Therefore in order for us to think of time and space and the opportunities it provides, we must think of time in certain ways. Linear thinking presumes and operates as though time is in front of us or after one moment come the next moment always moving in a forward or future direction. When we live according to linear time it becomes a very stressed existence.

When we operate in linear time miss out on a lot of opportunities because they are very focused on making one moment happen right after another instead of considering that time can be non-linear and can accordingly present you with many different opportunities in one moment.

When we experience Essence we learn to work on the principle that time and space are nonlinear, that in fact multiple possibilities can exist in one moment and you can consider those possibilities to be opportunities.

Essence scans the possibility field of time and picks out potentials I may not be aware of. Essence then informs me of the opportunity. It uses any number of mediums, such as people, events, information provided in books etc. to make me aware of the possibilities.

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