What is an Energy Vampire? How to Stop Attracting Psychic Attack? How to Protect Yourself from People who Steal Energy?

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Energy Vampires are people who suck your energy dry some energy vampires are conscious, but in all honesty most energy vampires are not conscious of what they are doing, when they suck you dry, because stealing energy is the only way they know how to replenish their life force supply, that is by getting their energy or fuel from feeding or siphoning energy off others.

An Energy Vampire is a regular person who has allowed their vibration to become so low that they need to “feed off” another’s energy in order to function, feel satisfied, and ultimately to stay alive in this physical material world.

They do this by constantly by creating a lot of drama in order to seek attention and confirmation that they are okay from those around them.

Energy Vampires are primarily responding to life from the negative ego, therefore they will:

  1. Never take responsibility for their actions
  2. They will always play the victim
  3. Never give back or return favors
  4. Feel entitled to drain your energy and will take it with no remorse
  5. Complain in order to get sympathy
  6. Get their way by using guilt and manipulation
  7. Creating drama and gossip about others

Most people do not know that they are energetic beings. They also don't know that if their energy is being depleted and not restored, their vibration is weakened, if we are not aware or conscious that our vibration can become weak then over time we can become energy vampires, if your energy is being depleted and you have not learned how to restore that energy then you must get your energy from somewhere and unfortunately most people have only learned how to their energy from others.

Now we can all be prone to sucking energy from others as hard as it may be to swallow and this happens when:

  • We don't take care of our individual needs
  • Give away to much time and energy helping those who won't change
  • Have negative attachments or cords to people
  • If we experienced child neglect emotional trauma like abusive relationships, or traumatic life events
  • or if we surround ourselves with energy vampires

How can you spot an Energy Vampire?

You can usually spot an energy vampire by the way you feel around them.

If you every feel drained or depleted of energy, or you feel physical symptoms like anxiety, stress or headaches when you are around them then you are most likely in the presence of an energy vampire.

higher consciousness news

Here are some symptoms to look for in order to know if you are under attack by an energy vampire:

  • Feeling irritable and frustrated for no reason
  • Felling anxious, stress, or guilt for no reason
  • Feeling out of it, or having a throbbing headache
  • Tightness in the chest or a shortness of breath
  • Being on edge or feeling foggy or cloudy in your head
  • Feeling intuitively uncomfortable around someone
  • Having nightmares about someone
  • Feeling pain around your chest, shoulders, neck, heart center
  • Feeling nausea or stomach ache before or after meeting someone

If you feel any of the symptoms above then your most likely that you are experiencing some type of psychic energy attack and someone is taking some of your energy whether they are aware it or not, you are a source of fuel for them, and by taking your energy is how they replenish themselves because they have not learned how to get their energy source from their connection to their higher self where there is an abundant supply of energy from which they can restore themselves.

Now no one can take your energy unless you allow, however most of us give our energy away unconsciously until we learn and understand that we do not have to give our energy away and we can avoid this from happening by putting up a strong positive force around us and remain conscious through awareness of what is happening around you. therefore by maintaining a positive frequency no one will be able to drain your energy or effect the way you feel.  Energy vampires feed off positive and negative energy however; it is only when you lower your vibration to a level where the vampire can feed off you is when you know you are under attack. Vampires will stay away if your vibration is to high for them to reach in fact high vibration individuals will repel energy vampires.

It is important to remember that we are all prone to being energy vampires as an energy vampire is someone who is caught in a negative energy pattern so it is important not to be afraid or judge others for their behaviour.

It is time to take responsibility for your energy and vibration, by learning to detect when you are around an energy vampire in order to protect yourself from an energy vampire is crucial for your survival and vitality don't allow yourself to swim in death energy as it will literally take you out of this physical material existence because when you play with death energy which is what they physical dimension is primarily consumed with these days just know you are playing with fire and I mean that literally.

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire?

  • Set clear boundaries and do not acquiesce to anyone
  • Stay strong and emotionally connected to who you are and trust that you can take care of yourself in any and all situations
  • Most energy vampires don't know they are stealing your energy so be firm but non-judgmental
  • Keep your thoughts positive and remain in a positive frequency, energy vampires can only feed of negative energy they are repelled by positive energy
  • Keep your aura, clean, clear, and strong at all times
  • Take baths, use sage, wear crystals or some kind of protection if you feel the need
  • Don't play victim to an energy vampire, you are under energy attacks because there is something for you to learn, the key is to get the learning as quickly as you can and move on because swimming in a low frequency will only create pain and suffering in your life, because you deserve to live your best life yet!

As you become more positive and you are able to hold that frequency for yourself with love and compassion you will stop attracting energy vampires into your life. However if you have been taking energy from others and your attracting energy vampires in your life it maybe a sign that you need to clean up your act and take a good look at how you may be stealing energy from others and it may be a gentle reminder that you need to learn to love and respect yourself more.

In closing, take an inventory of people in your life who give energy, and people who drain your energy.Specifically identify the energy vampires, and begin to evaluate ones you'd like to limit contact with or eliminate all together.

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