The End of the World Simulated EARTH Changes! Indonesia Bali Volcano “WATCH” RING OF FIRE, Connections to Donald Trump Astrology Birth Chart, Hurricane Irma, Mexico Earthquake, and North Korea


Here is something I am watching very closely, as I tune in many world events which are climate and politically related just may be signaling the coming rapture or the second coming!

Now the Bible does not say that the world will end on 23rd September 2017.  On Saturday, a sign or wonder will appear in the sky for the only time in recorded history as described in Revelation 12, verses 1-2.

Three planets will be in the constellation of Leo (crown of 12 stars) and the constellation Virgo (the woman) will be "clothed" with the sun at her head and the moon at her feet. Now the planet Jupiter has been performing retrograde a motion in the belly or womb of Virgo for the past 9 months (travaling in birth).  However, we will almost not see it with the naked eye due to the sun (or clouds). But, we can see Jupiters path with computer simulation software or a Skyview app for the mobile phone.

So what's the point?  It seems that this particular configuration in the night sky is very unusual and has only occurred 4 times in history, and it is said to come before the second sign (of wonder) of the great red dragon (maybe another planet or binary star sometimes referred to as Planet-X, Nibiru etc..)  When we see this sign in roughly the same area of the sky, the apocalyptic events will gather pace so it is said.  The Bible doesn't indicate when the second sign happens, only a suggestion that it could be soon after.  The signs are simply warnings from the creator God (power control force) to prepare.

Remember your reality is manufactured. I will go into detail as this event unfolds, but Indonesia raises Bali volcano alert to highest level

Mount Agung, which is more than 3,000m above sea level, is the highest volcano in Bali and lies in the eastern part of Bali. The last time this volcano exploded was in 1963.

Ajung means "Great" in Indonesian, but what really interests me about Bali is that the people of bali where known to be able to use their mind and the ethereal realm to create and manifest at will, and this was natural occurring process until many became mesmerized by the modern world and all it's material trappings and many lost the capacity to use their mind to create at will.

Now I want to make some important connections regarding Donald Trump and his astrology chart, apparently, Trump has the Planet Mars going through Indonesia when we overlay his astrology chart with the map of the world. That is when we project his natal chart over the map of the world this is called astro-Cartography. I have highlighted in yellow so you can see the connections I am making.

Here is Donald Trumps astro-Cartography map over Indonesia, Trumps Mars line passes near Bali and why I am watching this Mount Ajung Volcano.
Here is Donald Trumps Natal Chart notice Mars and Pluto in Leo (where figuratively we connect to our heart) in his 12 house.

Now it is important to note that Donald Trumps Mars aligns with Washington D.C. using astro-cartography. I have highlighted in yellow so you can see.

If we look at where Donald Trumps Pluto in relation to the map of US and Mexico, we can see that his pluto line passes near where Hurricane Irma and Mexico earthquake have taken place.

Here is  a screenshot of Donald Trumps pluto line passing through Texas, and you know what Pluto means? I have circled in yellow to show you what I mean.

Pluto, is the God of the Underworld, and the ruler of Scorpio. (In Greek mythology, the corresponding god was Hades). In Astrology, the energies of Pluto are transforming. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “below the surface”. On the upside, Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. Texas and Mexico going through a death and rebirth along Trumps pluto line.

Now here is another interesting point! Donald Trumps Mars and Pluto line is going through North Korea in the Astro-cartography map.  I have highlighted this in yellow! This could be an indication of why so much attention on Korea but if you understand the connections I am highlighting its all about the energy of these planetary bodies and how these energies are playing out on the physical world stage through the stories that are fabricated to coincide with the forces within your solar system.

Remember the world is a stage nothing happens by chance everything is pre-planned long ago to fulfill certain biblical prophecy if you only tune into the mundane level. However at Deeptruth Media, we understand the higher level of what is at play that is the dissolution of all consciousness programming so that we develop a free and sovereign mind.

The planet Mars and Pluto are integral to what is happening on the physical world stage and Donald Trump is the Trump Card at this time who is being used to facilitate the power control force agenda for dominion over the heart of humanity, however with awareness and a reconnection to our essence we can change the course of our life and the world around us!

Stay tuned for come.......

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