Deconstructing Consciousness will Change your Perception of Reality?

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It is important to understand that ideas or concepts, not only emerge within this system of consciousness or quantum intelligence, they also shape and form our Essence. In this article I will show you how deconstructing consciousness will change your perception of reality?

That is ideas and concepts mould and shape our consciousness which is a fractal of the universal mind of GOD. Yes the universe is a mind and it is known as GOD. This universal min of GOD  comes from your Essence which is the only reality.

It is the universal mind that does the shaping’s or figuration’s of consciousness. Therefore it is important to remember that when you contemplate every idea or concept or word is potentially capable of totally re-shaping and transforming your Essence that is configuring an entirely new field of consciousness that is shaped and patterns by the designers of consciousness which is the power control force.

If we dare to look at the etymology of words and the word con-scious-ness in the English or Websters dictionary here is what we come up with:

 Con  means to persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.

Or it can also mean an instance of deceiving or tricking someone.

Scious  means knowing or having knowledge.

Ness means denoting quality and state

Therefore the deeper meaning that is obscured from humanity is that

Consciousness is “the quality and state of tricking and deceiving someone through knowledge”

This system of consciousness is a field of energy which is electric and magnetic, it is  a quantum field of intelligence and the reason we experience ourselves more as physical beings than as beings of energy is because the power control systems have created a physical world environment that is based on fear and survival and they do this through their scripts and narrations, which we call fake news. Fake news or consciousness is designed to keep humanity in a lower frequency or  the lower- energy emotional state of negativity which is conductor for manipulation of Essence as negativity creates an overproduction of stress hormones which are a by product of the human emotions of anger, fear, envy, and hatred which incites feelings of aggression, frustration, anxiety, and insecurity and causes us to experience pain, suffering, sadness, hopelessness and depression.

Now it is important to note that most people spend their time preoccupied with negative thoughts and feelings. If we look at our present external environment most of the things that are happening in our present circumstances are negative. Negativity runs so high because we are either living in anticipation of stress or re-experiencing stress through a memory, therefore most of our thoughts and feelings are driven by the strong hormones of stress and survival. This is how the power control system controls the subconscious mind of humanity through the media and all their intellectual systems such as science, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, astrology etc.

When a stress response is triggered within, we focus our attention on three key areas the body, the environment and TIME. As a result we define our self within the confines of the physical realm, we lose sense of our true self as Essence which is the only reality. And because we lose our sense of Essence this is how we become less aware, less conscious, less mindful of who we really are Essence which is the only reality. We become materialists habitually consumed by thoughts or things in the external environment. Our identity becomes wrapped up in our bodies causing us to only associate who we are with what we know and the things we do.

If we are operating in a lower frequency or the lower energy emotions continuously triggered by stress hormones of fight or flight which creates human emotions of as physical beings, we limit ourselves to perceiving only with our physical senses anger, fear, envy, and hatred which incites feelings of aggression, frustration, anxiety, and insecurity and causes us to experience pain, suffering, sadness, hopelessness and depression. Then we will remain prisoners in the 3d matrix designed by the power control force. The more we use our senses to determine our reality regardless of whether one is spiritual we remain locked in the past focused on our individual and collective scripts and stories (His Story) someone else narratives and stories that is the power control force intricately designed your history so that you would focus on the past forever keeping you in the loop of trying to predict the future based on some past experience which only creates an environment where you are trying to control your reality instead of surrendering to something greater then your identify which is Essence, living relentlessly in the survival program

When the stress response is turned on whether in response to a real or conjured –up threat imposed by the narratives and scripts that we hear through the media, a powerful cascade of chemicals rush into our system and gives us a strong jolt of energy, waking up our bodies and certain parts of the brain and this becomes very addictive which is why people find it hard to go within and leave this self imposed reality behind.

Who would you be if it were not for our environment, your body and time?

Can you see why by design we are so dependent on the external world.  We limit ourselves to using our senses to define and cultivate emotions, so that we can receive the physiological feedback that affirms our personal addictions and we do this in order to feel human.

Therefore it makes sense as Essence  deconstructing consciousness that we break our addiction to the primitive survival emotions so that our energy will vibrate in a higher frequency.

It is through awareness that we become less rooted in the body which has become the mind, whereby  liberating  our essence as Awareness from the body so that we can experience the universal intelligence of consciousness allowing each of us to discern the difference between this system of Consciousness  which is made up of the physical universe and the physical material world in which we live and our Essence through Awareness which is the ultimate reality.

The more we define reality through our senses, the more this physical material world becomes our law, and material reality  as law is very opposite  of the quantum law of this system of consciousness and from the standpoint of awareness whatever you place your awareness on is your reality. Therefore if our attention is focused on the body and our physical realm and we become locked in a particular line of linear time, then that becomes our reality.

In closing the greatest individuals in history were unwaveringly committed to a future destiny without any need , for immediate feedback from the environment. Their minds were ahead of their present environment because their environment no longer controlled their thinking. They were clear in their minds about exactly what they wanted to happen. A vision of the future reality existed beyond their senses.

When one holds a dream independent of  their environment this is greatness.



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