Astrological Magic and the Journey Within

Weighing of the Heart Journey through the Astrological Chart

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 Most cultural collapses occur when individuals lose their sense of destiny, apathy sets in and everyday survival needs become overwhelming.

If the sense of personal destiny within our world is to be ours again. We must individually make the choice to tune into the magical quest that is to allow ones inner transmutation to reflect the outer world.

If we allow ourselves to tune into the inner journey we will soon be able to see how our outer reality will be permeated with symbols that activate our inner knowing, and what happens is like a ripple affect the inner potent Essence that is the ultimate reality begins to re-create our outer reality through the modification of our character in resonance with our Essence; which will allow each of us to take on qualities of character that create fantastic events and new outer realities allowing us to create our individual and collective new worlds.

We are truly remembering how to shape realities which is our Essence

You see for those of us moving to a higher vibrational frequency we are coming to realize that we are engaging through an energy passage moving from Saturn which represents our physical form to Uranus which represents our electrical nature and yet it is the Chiron placement in our natal astrology chart that will show us the way.

If you choose to heed the magical quest, then the answer to your destiny in this physical dimension then initiation through the astrological chart will allow you to engage the magical quest or sacred journey to reopen the inner brain centres, which is the secret to creativity and the life force of Essence.

If you do not choose to head the call to experience the totality of your creative potential and engage in the magical quest and you decide to remain in the comfort of your pain and suffering; then as a result you may through a sequence of events in a descent to the beginning of dying phase.

You see the human organism continually moves through Saturn form into reorganization until it is tired, and then and only then can death be as easily taken in as life; that is if death is not worked with consciously.

You know it was the Egyptian ritual of weighing of the heart of the soul as it was the ancient Egyptians who considered the heart to be the centre of thought, memory and emotion.

Yes it was heart that was associated with intellect and the personality and was considered the most important organ in the body. It was the heart that deemed to be essential for rebirth into the Afterlife. Unlike the other internal organs, the heart was never removed and embalmed separately, because you see its presence in the body was crucial.

What happens when we use the astrological chart to navigate the magical Quest?

The astrological chart will reveal to you the instructions for the initiation process. The way to understand this process is the Saturn return, Uranus Opposition and the Chiron return each offer an opportunity experience the full potential of Essence in physicality as these points of initiation stimulates the psychic understanding of the seeker.

For example at the age of 42 years is the finishing of the Uranus opposite Uranus cycle of transformation and kundalini integration. When this cycle is finished at around age 42 -45. All the inner gates of the electrical body circuits are open so the electrical consciousness can attune to a higher frequency. It’s like upping our amps from 120 – 240. The Uranus opposite Uranus transit is the second major life transit after the Saturn return around 28-33.

The preparation for Chirons return at 50-51 the third major life transit begins after the Uranus opposition at age 42 to 45 after this period we also experience the Pluto square Pluto and Neptune square Neptune usually after the Uranus opposition. This is when the individual transmutation cycle take place after age 42 because the body is all prepared by the kundalini energy moving up the spine and clearing the chakras.

Implicit in the teaching of the weighing of the heart is the teaching of Chiron that the Arcanum or enzymes must be taken into the body at age 42 and activated, because at mid-life the body holds the secret ready to be released, and the Egyptians taught mastery training at that time whereby true body resonation could be attained by passing the forty two gates whereby once initiated will align one to their inner powers which will enable you to bring your full creativity into bloom. If not death and a return to Saturn form was next.

If one decides to take the initiatory path, you can become an activated nerve in your community, the power that you wield will make you vital to the community you are developing or are engaged in, in our time societies are weakened because because the personal initiation rarely occurs therefore healthy communities are lost unless we recover the ancient wisdom about the initiatory keys that can awaken each person which then activates each persons sense of personal destiny for empower the worlds they are creating.



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