What’s Up or Down with the Solar Minimum 2019-2020?

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What's up with the year 2020? with just 3 years away, we are interestingly 7 years or midway into solar cycle 24, that being it is important to remember that we are intricately woven into this evolutionary timeline wether we realize it or not.

"Forecasters expect the next Solar Minimum to arrive in 2019-2020.

It seems that Solar Minimum is widely misunderstood. Many people have the perception that Solar minimum will brings a period of a quiet time for solar activity. However according to space weather, extreme ultraviolet output of the sun decreases,  and the upper atmosphere of Earth cools and collapses.

This will allow cosmic rays to increase on our planet. Also,
the heliosphere will shrink, bringing interstellar space closer to Earth; galactic cosmic rays which will penetrate the inner solar system and our atmosphere with relative ease.

Meanwhile, geomagnetic storms and auroras will continue which will be caused by solar wind streams instead of CMEs. Therefore Solar Minimum is coming, and it certainly won't be dull."


If we go under the premise that events of any given time are recursively related to the events of other times.  I think the power control force are manipulating time in order to control and manufacture future timelines and events on earth using the consciousness of humanity in order to create and control the reality that is being spoon fed to us now and into the future. 

In 1920, a Russian scientist, Chijevsky,  discovered that every eleven years enormous explosions take place on the sun. 11/22 references the eleven and twenty -two sunspot cycle. That is every eleven years a nuclear explosion occurs on the sun. Chijevsky discovered that whenever such nuclear explosions occur on the sun, wars and revolutions begin on Earth. According to him, during the past seven hundred years, whenever such phenomena have occurred on the sun, there have been disasters on Earth therefore  Evolutionary change is being precipitated by space weather.


As of November 15, 2013 According to NASA the sun is about to flip upside down and it could happen any day what this was  telling me is that we where 4 years into the 11 year cycle and with the pole shift occuring any day would  give us 6 more years of activity which leads to the grand mutation in 2020. Article here:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/10450581/Sun-expected-to-flip-upside-down-as-magnetic-field-reverses-its-polarity.html

No mention of a pole shift after that announcement so we will have to assume that it happened?

Now the Grand mutation is when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in one element (either fire, earth, air or water) for a period of approximately 240 years, then they shift to the next element in the sequence. An elemental shift is called a “Grand Mutation.” The next mutation occurs on December 19, 2020 at 0 Aquarius. Could this be why people think we are moving into the age of Aquarius? If there is an age called Aquarius it is said to be a few hundred years away?

Since the dawn of human history, stargazers have sought to discover the forces by which the planets influence life on Earth. Now, as we enter the 21st century, the long search for a physical mechanism that explains how astrology works may, at last, be nearing an end. Apropos to these times, which many astrologers believe to be a Neo-Renaissance period for astrology, an English astronomer named Percy Seymour has formulated a scientific theory of astral influences that describes the solar system as an intricate web of planetary fields and resonances.

The Sun, Moon, and planets telegraph their effects to us via magnetic signals, says Seymour, an astrophysicist and respected authority in the field of cosmic magnetism. Omnipresent throughout the universe, magnetism is known to affect the biological cycles of numerous creatures here on Earth, including humans.

To Summarize Seymour’s multi-link theory it proposes that the planets raise tides in the gases of the Sun, creating sunspots and their particle emissions, which then travel across interplanetary space to strike Earth’s magnetosphere, ringing it like a bell. These planetary magnetic signals are then perceived by the neural network of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, heralding the child’s birth.

When you are born, the melody that is created by the tuning of the stars at that time is inscribed on your mind in its freshest, most unsophisticated, and most sensitive state? that of birth. Throughout your life this will cause good health or ill health. Therefore When you live in tune with the original musical harmony that existed at the time of your birth, then you are healthy. And whenever your tuning with this fundamental musical harmony breaks down, you become ill.


Here is a video on the Magnetic Theory of Astrology with Dr. Percy Seymour you may want to watch:


Seymour’s “magnetoastrology” theory expands themes from French statistician and scientist Michel Gauquelin’s work, in which human biological clocks keep time withthe planets.

Gauquelin’s studies, which showed striking planetary similarities in the birth charts of parents and their children, comprise the strongest scientific evidence in support of astrology to date. Gauquelin’s studies showed planetary influences for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon, Seymour proposes that Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune also play a role in orchestrating the sunspot cycle and violent solar activity.

Now the characteristics of resonant systems within resonant systems are only now beginning to be explored and researched. The mechanism of the selective “tuning-in” to various frequencies involves the establishment of resonant sessions such as that which occur in the standard radio antenna for frequencies in the radio-wave spectrum.

The physiology of our bodies as human beings includes our neurology, which has clearly been established to operate via electric current generation. As such, the generation of corresponding magnetic fields is also in progress within this disapative structure known as the body. Comprehensive citations of literature concerning the detection of the geomagnetic field by animals, birds, fish, plants would indicate that man may also possess such capabilities, in his genetic record. Dr. Seymour draws our attention to the fact that the 11 year solar cycle corresponds to specific configurations of the planets, and that the solar wind directly influences the geomagetic field. Other cycles in the geomagetic field are brought about by the tidal influence of the moon on the upper atmosphere.

When the concept of resonance is discussed, in many cases examples are provided with very small frequencies (ie: cycles), such as those to do with electromagnetic energy in various frequencies, or indeed with sound waves. Readers are invited to exercise their imagination and understanding in order to determine the nature of resonant systems which are based on cycles which are in the order of the tidal (6H 14M), the diurnal (24 H), the lunar cycles of 28-9 days, the seasons of quarter years, the annual cycles, and still greater cycles from the sunspot/solar cycles of 11 years through to the great geological cycles which may reflect the journey of the (earth/moon)/sun system about the Milky Way galaxy, of 200 million years.

In summary, the evidence exists. What Percy Seymour’s  theory does is to prepare an interpretation, based on this evidence, which can be scientifically tested. Very briefly the steps are:

(1) Planets affect the solar cycle in specific ways.

(2) The solar cycle affects the geomagnetic field.

(3) The geomagnetic field affects life on Earth in certain observed ways.

(4) Specifically, many species, including man, can be influenced by particular states

of the geomagnetic field.

(5) The particular influences appear to correlate with the planetary positions.

(6) Seymour proposes that the behavior of the fetus at the time of birth is linked to the cycles within the geomagnetic field, which in turn are influenced by the solar cycle and positions of the planets. Resonance is the phenomenon by which the fetus is phase locked to specific cycles.

Evolutionary change is being precipitated by space weather as we evolve as a species we will learn that our entire understanding of the nature of physical matter is radically underdeveloped and that the energy increases that we see in the Solar System will indeed culminate in what may be thought of as a “dimensional shift.”

Where anything & everything imaginable will occur simultaneously


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