Astrology Decodes the Realm of Possibilities

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Celestial magic or magical astrology is concerned with the middle world, or astral realm where that of the Zodiacal powers reside, which are a universal archetype of Reality which is your Essence and it is these Zodiacal powers that control the generation and corruption of all things in the material realm.

One of the most important links between the higher and lower worlds is that of astrology

Everything that exists in the material world is under the rule of a particular celestial body as each inferior thing has its origin through a superior that is your Essence; therefore by identifying that which generates your existence that is your Essence you may influence your physical material world.

Reach out to me if you would like an astrology reading. Your astrology chart is the best tool to help you to understand where you are in this process of transformation that is reopening your the inner brain centres. In addition, your astrological chart will help you to navigate your life as you learn to work with energy transmuting negative energies to positive energies which will allow you to reconnect with your Essence and design a world that is in alignment with who you truly are.

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