Chiron the Centaur and the Rainbow Bridge to the Mystical Ecstasy

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hiron rules the most intense and mystical experiences. It rules spiritual ecstasy. The energetic presence of Chiron supports humanity to shift and evolve alongside the changing elements within our physical material world.

2060 Chiron was discovered by Charles Kowal in 1977, and was part of an entirely new class of heavenly bodies called centaurs with an orbit between Saturn and Uranus. initially 2060 Chiron was classed as an asteroid, but then some scientists believed it to be a comet. Today it is classified as both. It has a very unique orbit, and measures about 150 km in diameter.

Chiron acts as a initiator within our astrological blueprint and Chirons transits are the rainbow bridge aka the astral plane which brings the left hemisphere of the brain represented by Saturn which we identify as form; and opens our mind or consciousness to the outer planets which is Uranus (electrical) which represents the right hemisphere of our brain bringing balance of the left and right hemispheres of the brain into full understanding and embodiment of Chiron Energy lies in a deep resonance with Saturn and Uranus astrological polarity.

Chiron also offers astrological insight into each individual’s core wounding. This is determined by the zodiacal sign this planetoid is transiting through at the time of our birth. In an astrological reading, the planetary body of Chiron in symbolized by a key; which this knowledge you are given key knowledge and an opportunity to initiate great change in your life.

Chiron signals a paradigm shift in consciousness when it was discovered in 1977, and is called the Planet of healing.  When Chiron transits through your chart, it signals an opportunity to gain insight into your core wound or genetic weakness that sits at the root of your internal struggles or illnesses.

Chiron as it transits through, your birth chart marks times of major change or rebirth, ranging from the death or birth of a family member to pivotal changes in your identity or sexuality.

Reach out to me if you would like an astrology reading. Your astrology chart is the best tool to help you to understand where you are in this process of transformation that is reopening your the inner brain centres. In addition, your astrological chart will help you to navigate your life as you learn to work with energy transmuting negative energies to positive energies which will allow you to reconnect with your Essence and design a world that is in alignment with who you truly are.

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