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Deconstructing Consciousness provides an original perspective and makes a significant contribution to an understanding that through Awareness your ESSENCE is the Ultimate reality. Deconstructing Consciousness will support you through knowledge to transcend physical material reality while still living out your life experience. These blog post help you to reclaim your right in truth and wisdom, to experience through Awareness your essence, by revelation through knowledge and Awareness that your essence has been captured by the universal architects the designer’s of this universe consciousness system, and the artificial physical world in which you have your life experience, is simply designed to forever cleverly keep you from wisdom, knowing and truth of who you are, you are Essence which is the ultimate reality. Deconstructing Consciousness blog posts can be looked as a model that I like to use which as a tool to achieve a concrete understanding of an abstract concept such as Essence. Models are often developed to describe an unknown function, interaction, or process (something that lies beyond our current individual experience) in terms of something more comprehensible. The model itself may closely resemble the reality it describes, however it is important not to confuse the model of reality with reality itself. By deconstructing consciousness , we become aware of the artificial reality that has been imposed upon us. This model of a world view, this model of hell on earth that is manufactured and created by the power control force. If you have enough direct experience and a deep understanding of what is being modeled by the power control force through their model of artificial reality and come to know that this model is a part of your direct experience, and that with no direct experience , without this knowledge and understanding it’s impossible for you to come to know self as essence, therefore the model enables an understanding that is otherwise impossible to attain. With limited direct experience, the model allows you to place your limited experience within the context of the consistent structure of the model. To those with enough experience to incite Kuriosity and formulate practical questions the model brings a meaningful explanation of consciousness data (experience, information, fragments of truth, language, intellectual system such as science, religion, astrology, astronomy) that otherwise seem random and unconnected. The power control force does not have, nor has it ever had a monopoly on a process oriented, materialistic, and objective approach to the existence and reality of Essence. The model of reality developed within Deconstructing Consciousness enables you to understand the characteristics of your artificial reality, how you as Essence interact with the artificial reality through knowledge and Awareness, and the boundaries, processes, and mechanics of the artificial physical world reality that you currently operate within. Through deconstruction of consciousness you will discover the distinction between your objective outside artificial physical world reality and your subjective non-physical world of mind and consciousness, and how both have been created by the universal architects to capture and deceive and manipulate your essence which is the ultimate reality.