Your Mind/Body is a Projector of a Perception of Reality! How Does the Moon and Planets in the Solar System Imprint Vibrational Sequences into Your Consciousness? The Secret to Astrology Prediction Revealed?


The perception of reality that you see in your external world is a mirror image of a projection from your consciousness. Whereby your thoughts are imprinting your Essence through your five sensory filters creating certain vibrational sequences which are programming your consciousness, so that whatever you believe becomes your perception of reality which then renders your external perception of reality.

Can you conceive your biological vehical to be an organic projector? very similar to a man made projector with the same capabilities?

Our bodies are perceiving the planetary energies appearing as star systems and planets into our biological vehicles and projecting an imprint of certain vibrational sequences into our consciousness which is creating a perception of reality in accordance to what we believe.

Here is an example of how the planets affect each of us whether we realize it or not, lets tale a look at how the moon affects us each day.

Water tides’ are a result of the gravitational attraction of the moon and sun, and the Earth and Moon are constantly attracting each other, like magnets.

However Earth’s gravitational force is much greater than the Moon, and yet the earth is able to hold on to everything, except water.

Water on earth is persistently moving over a vast space, and Moon’s slighter gravitational pull is able to create tides. Therefore, each day, there are two high tides and two low tides.

Since the human body is made up of 70- 85% water, the Moon’s gravitational pull also has an effect on our body; which then affects our moods and well-being each and every moment.

The planets in our solar system put gravity upon the earth, ESPECIALLY the MOON.... which churns our oceans AND the water inside our bodies.   Wherever the moon is, all persons water inside their bodies is pointing in that direction, in other words we all become slightly egg shaped in the Moons direction, and this affects our emotions, all our thoughts, and actions.

Well then what about all the other planets?, the other planets since they are known to PERTURB the moon, the Earth, is pulled upon by the moon as it travels, and it’s effects on the Earth includes EVERYTHING, that includes earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, because, the Moon more than any other thing PULLS on the crust of the earth and actually somewhat massages the mass of the earth in an oblong way, as the two orbit the Earth's bari-centre two thirds from center towards edge of earth due to the PHYSICS of their sizes and mass and gravity.

That being said the planets affect the Earth AND YOU, by the dance of minerals and water inside your brain and body, and since you are being pulled all the time by planets that have repeating patterns of orbits which are fixed, this is how astrology prediction is possible.

The Cause of Chronic Depression?

The cause of chronic Depression is a result of Gross Imbalance of Astrological Energies, should a planetary energy in one's chart simultaneously have a deficiency of the opposite and balancing energies, we then have gross imbalance, a one sided teetertotter!This important point cannot be more forcibly emphasized! Mental health extremes occur alongside astrological extremes. E.g. someone born with a predominance of water signs and also a dominant Moon, would be further pushed to their liquid extremes should they lack warm and dry fire signs and/or a strong Sun and Mars in their birth chart! And, vice versa.

Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury in water signs, especially Pisces and
Cancer (two or more placements). Scorpio appears more prone to Major Depression, the more extreme form of the disease.

Note: Water is the most receptive and easily imprinted of the four elements. It is my observation that natives of the water signs appear to more strongly retain childhood, ancestral and past life memory then do other signs.

Additionally, these same signs are also famous for psychic and emotional sensitivity, hence their low threshold to psychic interference.  Though unrecognized by clinical psychiatry, psychic sensitivity can significantly support Chronic Depression in those sufferers whose charts are dominated by water signs in affliction.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn how to consciously  navigate the blueprint that the personality that is you is expressing through having this life experience, because once you become aware of how your  blueprint is creating your life;  with is awareness you will have the capacity to become a conscious co- creator of your life experience allowing you to create a and live your best life yet.

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