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Our culture is not designed for each of us to grow up emotionally and spiritually as many of us attempt to value and empower ourselves by taking responsibility for our lives.

As a facilitator, I have frequently used the chakras and astrology as a model for growth, transformation and empowerment. I am amazed at how much insight I have gained about myself and my clients from focusing on the archetypal patterns that show up in an astrology reading which must be dissolved for this lifetime as we journey toward wholeness.

Ths page describes the relationship between astrology, archetypes and the chakras which connect the seven main centres of the human energy system.

Connecting astrology with the chakras is a new concept which has come out of my attempt to unite energy awareness with one's astrology blueprint for empowerment and growth. In my workshops and individual session's I witness the effects of this work as people develop and grow into whole integrated individuals.

On this website page I am offering those who dare to trailblaze with me a guide to freeing themselves of limiting negative patterns which zap their vitality in order to help them move towards greater freedom and empowerment.

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Life is a Mirror of our Feelings. When we look at projections as an externalization of our inner emotional state. It keeps us fixed in the archetype we are living out.

When we own our projections, by recognizing that we are in fact seeing through glasses distorted by our own emotions. We can make the shifts in our perceptions and thinking that will allow us to grow.